Emirates Airlines / poor check in service

Dear Sir,

We had a terrible experience with emirates airlines on 6th od Dec 2008, our flight from dubai was due to depart at 1400hrs to Damascus and we reported at the airport (terminal 3) at 12:40 in the afternoon. inspite of so many check in counters at the new terminal there was lack of staff and thus we were not able to check in. i was travelling with my 6month old child and old parents, at the last moment one of your staff comes and says that "anyone flying to damascus" it was so ridiculous because once we reached the counter after waiting for about 40 mintues we were told that the flight has been closed and cannot reopen.

Then after we spoke to the supervisor and she gave us a very disgusting and dissatisfying answer, there was a flight next day in the morning but she could not give us confirmed seats on the flight and said u can always 'try'. on top of that she said we announced a lot of times but thats not true because we didnt hear anything and we were not the only one there were other passengers with us, so how is it possible that none of us heard?????. now we have no chance but to travel with Ek on 11th of Dec 2008, in this case you should atleast compensate us by atleast upgrading our tickets or provide some speacial services. and to let you know that we are the skywards members as well.

anyhow i feel i was wrong at trusting emirates airlines and will make sure that i or any of my family member have to never travel with emirates again, i m sure that does make a difference to you, coz you have thousands of passengers waiting to travel. but remember one thing today you have dissatisfied one customer tomorrow may be other and may be you will at the end lose trust of all your customers.

hope that you will take strict action and help your clients.

Saba Hasnain Raza

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