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Emirates Airlines is wonderful to fly in but recently I had a very bad experience with lost and damage baggage and claims reimbursement.

My bags were transferred from an Air France flight to Emirates. They arrived 3 days later than my arrival in India from Paris. The bags were visibly damaged, several items were missing including some perishables.

Subsequently, I filed the claims form with receipts of the missing, newly purchased items-which thankfully I had retained. However, I did not have receipts for some cheese I had bought worth a small amount of $20.
In the final claims settlement, Emirates insisted on providing "evidence" of damage for the product- which I had shown to the delivery agent as I discarded the same. Also, they settled for a much lesser amount for my brand new turtle shell luggages without any reasonable explanation.

They refuse to reimburse these items and issued a final statement that a "detailed review" was done on my claims. Again, there was no rational explanation on why customers need to provide receipts for food products that they did not anticipate will be lost.

I find this to be a case of complete lack of discretion and faith despite inconvenience caused to the customers. The claims processing of emirates clearly needs to be better managed to serve customers.

Mar 10, 2016
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      Jul 15, 2008
    Oluyale Holding - Unsatisfied with service
    Oluyale Holding

    My name is Mr Abiodun Ogunyale. I am businessman and I value my time a lot.I only fly first class on any trip I make. I bought a ticket from your Nigerian office through my agent in Bansa travels to Dubai for my business partner anr and I, Ref numbers BZ5BJN & BQ5ALB. My agent was able to confirm me on Business class which i turned down because I only fly First Class.I accepted to fly on that day due to my pressing engagement in Dubai.

    On getting to the airport of that day I was told that I was on wait list which was shocking because I had reconfirmed a day before my trip.. All my documents are still with me. After much ado I had to fly to Dubai on Economy, which I believe is very unacceptable. I do believe Emirates would have some bad eggs in their employ ruining the reputation of the company which I want to be addressed.

    As I send this mail I do not still have a return back to Lagos for my business partner and I. I demanded a compensation at the lagos airport but was snubbed by one of your staff Mr. George who claims to be a Station Manager was very unpleasant and refused, not knowing my annoyance on that said day.

    1. I would require a full address of this issue and compensation on my defamation of character.
    2. I want my confirmation secured for my return.
    3. I require an explanation for the embarrassment faced at the hands of your company or you would be hearing for my lawyers.

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