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Montreal, Canada Review updated:

Purchased a spanking brand new induction/convection ELECTROLUX stove from a retailer. The stove has not worked from the moment it was delivered, December 19th 2013!!! Today it is February 13th, 2014 and I am still waiting almost two months later for parts that have been ordered. Imagine...brand new! No one calls me to keep me updated and no one, from the retailer, ELECTROLUX or even the repair company is the least bit concerned. It is as if I should be thankful to have that piece of useless junk sitting in my kitchen.
No Christmas dinner, eating out constantly...this purchase has cost my family a great deal more than just the price of this 2000.00 stove!!! Unimaginably poor customer service. Shame on you ELECTROLUX.

Feb 13, 2014
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      19th of Feb, 2014

    Hello P. Cochrane,

    On behalf of Electrolux, please except our humble apologizes on your recent frustrating experience.

    Please allow us the opportunity to regain your confidence. If you will, kindly contact our partners at Canada.Assistance(at) with your full name, model #/serial #, and complete contact information. We will make every effort to determine if there is any way we can expedite this matter for you.

    Best regards,

    Online Outreach Representative

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  • Pc
      19th of Feb, 2014

    Good day Chris,

    On Friday, February 14th, someone from Electrolux called and said that they would be replacing the stove for a new unit. I was to fax them the invoice which I did on that same day, by emailing it to the retailer, who then faxed the information to the appropriate people.
    I called the retailer today, Wednesday February 19th as I hadn't heard anything from anyone. He said there was a bit of mix up with the email but assured me that he would call them back today and see how things are progressing. I have not heard back from him, but hopefully he will call me tomorrow.
    I will be sure to supply you with the reference # of my file on the above site you have provided.

    Thank you for taking notice of my dilemma.

    P. Cochrane

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      28th of Feb, 2014

    To continue the ELECTROLUX stove saga, nothing appears to have been expedited. The 14th of February, I was told the unit would be replaced. It is now the 28th of February 2014 (2 weeks) and still no word on WHEN anyone is going give me what I paid for on December 18th 2013.. No phone calls, simply no communication.
    Today, I am cancelling the transaction. Let's see how quickly they come and pick up the broken stove, bet it doesn't take two months.
    ELECTROLUX and all involved, should be ashamed for passing the buck and not seeing that this conundrum got solved promptly.

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  • Pc
      3rd of Mar, 2014

    It is March 3rd, 2014 and still, I have not received any information indicating when I will receive the new stove. Called ELECROLUX a few minutes ago and spoke with a concerned representative. She said she will check in on this matter and attempt to expedite the process.
    With all due respect to those involved, there is a definite glitch in procedure.

    P. Cochrane

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  • Pc
      5th of Jul, 2014

    Unfortunately, I am still treading water in this ELECTROLUX STOVE SAGA! Yes, the stove was replaced but also does not function properly. I think it's time to take this saga to court and...CBC's new segment, 'Getting railroaded by a big company?'

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