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eHarmony / unauthorized charge

1 eHarmony UK Ltd. BM Box 5904, London WC1N 3XX London England Greater London, United Kingdom
Contact information:

They charged Me Without Warning! This is the transcript of my communication with eHarmony Internet Dating: Dear Sirs, Three transactions have been taken out of my PayPal account without my knowledge or authorisation, they are as follows: EHarmony: 26/09/15 £29.99 Eharmony: 27/10/15 £29.99 Eharmony: 26/11/15 £29.99 This is the letter I sent them: Dear ???, Thank you for your prompt response, much appreciated. Firstly, I respect that there is a policy of non-refundable with regard to 'incognito'. However, I would appreciate if you would read why I'm asking for one. Secondly, the first time I noticed 'incognito' was as small icon at the bottom-left-hand-side of my screen, I only click on it because I believed it may have been some one trying to chat, or make contact. As I was very new to the site, I sincerely has no idea that 'incognito' was a chargeable extra. The first I new of this charge was in your email, which I received today. Once I realised what it actually did, I, personally, found it of no use to my profile search and haven't used it. There was no warning of a charge, as there is with 'Want to find out when he reads your message?', because when one clicks on this, one is confronted with the charge, and asked if one wants to proceed. There was no prior warning for a charge of £29.99 per month with 'incognito', when one clicks on the icon. Thirdly, I'm a pensioner with a very limited budget, hence why I only joined eHarmony when I received the special deal of £59.70 for the 6 month package, I sincerely could not afford more. There is no way I would have signed up for £29.99 a month on top of that sum, I just don't have the income to cover such a cost. Thirdly, because eHarmony has taken, without my knowledge or permission, a further 3 payments £29.99, via PayPal, out of my bank account, I am now in arrears with my bank, and will subsequently face bank charges. If you do not have the authority to decide if a refund is due, then please give me the name of eHarmony's CEO, so I can write to him/her with a view to receiving a refund. Their response was: Dear ???, Thank you for contacting eHarmony. I have received your recent inquiry regarding a refund of the cost you paid for the Incognito feature. Unfortunately, this feature is non-refundable as it is a feature that you gain use of as soon as it is purchased and therefore service is rendered at the time of purchase. I can assure you that this feature is not set to renew. You will have no further billing associated with this feature. I appreciate your time and wish you the best. Sincerely, ??? eHarmony Trust & Safety My communication with PayPay: They've ignored my request for contact details of the company's CEO, which I've requested in 2 previous emails, if the department could not resolve this problem by refunding these unauthorised payments! If you cannot help me in my quest for a refund, then please heed this as a warning when PayPal receives these heinous contracts via the 3rd party to give the 3rd party carte blanche access to your members account for payments without your members' knowledge! Yours faithfully, ??? PayPal replied that there was nothing they could do because of the eHarmony contract I'd agreed to!

Jan 8, 2016

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