eDreams / poor customer service

UK Jordan, United Kingdom

My plan was to go to Basra to see my family.

The flights were purchased, but without me knowing, one part of my journey had been cancelled, and edreams failed to inform me.

Then the journey, on arriving in Basra, I realised one of my bags was missing, so I asked my husband to inform them, as I didn't have any form of communication with me at that time. My husband spent the best part of 30 minutes on the phone going through a series of levels, only to be told at the end, that the other party had hung up.

I tried calling them three times with the same happening every time. All I can say is, they have a phone system in place, but it's poorly maintained, as I wasted a lot of time and money calling it.

I arrived in Basra on the 31st July, its now the 4th August, and my bag still hasn't turned up. I have contacted Royal Jordanian Airways, but the same poor level of professionalism has been recieved, as if no one cares.

If you are reading this complaint / review, I suggest you stay away from both edreams and Royal Jordanian Airways, and try flying with Emirate Airways instead, as their customer service beats this lot hands down.

Many thanks,


Aug 04, 2016

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