eDreams / missed information on a flight I booked, resulting in me having to pay from my own suitcase twice

unknown, Ireland
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Booking reference [protected]
I booked a flight to munich with aerlingus and a return from memmingen (to and from dublin). I included suitcase too and from, confirmed in my booking. I paid 226 euro.
When I checked in on line I noted that my case was not booked for the ryanair return and I was left with no option but to book and pay for a suitcase again at a cost of 24 euro. I checked my ryanair confirmation subsequently and it seems that although I booked and paid edreams for all of this, ryanair for some reason did not get the booking of the suitcase I paid to include. I am now down the cost of booking a suitcase on that flight and I seek a refund as soon as possible. I am abroad until 4th so please dont contact me by phone until after that date, If you want to talk to my mother, alison rothwell, please do, she is available on [protected]

Ross Borton

Jan 29, 2017

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