eDreamsinvalid flights sold with the companies knowledge

Never EVER book with eDreams - Scam Artists

Myself and 3 friends booked return flights from Ireland to Japan.The lowest priced flights had connecting times in London of approx 1hr which usually isn't an issue if you have your boarding pass and bags checked through. This is what we thought we had as we only booked one ticket with eDreams and there was no advisory that these are 2 seperate bookings. We contacted Aer lingus, our first airline to be advised that they have NO partnership with Air China and they have no idea why eDreams sold us tickets with such unrealistic connection times. They cannot confirm that we will be able to get our boarding passes when we check in at the start or if our bags will be checked the whole way.

We contacted eDreams about this who advised us that this is the airlines issue and unless we want to change our flight to an earlier flight AND PAY FOR THE CHANGE, there is nothing that they can do about it. If we miss our connecting flight we're on our own and have to pay for a completely new trip. Anyone who has ever been to Heathrow knows that if we do have to collect our flights and book in again there is no way in hell that we will make our next flight. We just want to get to Heathrow earlier so we have some chance of getting on our next flight.

We then got an email from air China advising our flight home through Heathrow has been delayed which leaves us with only a 40min connection window and the flight to Ireland is the last of the day. Again eDreams are refusing to help us.

They are a joke and anyone who is considering booking with them I would advise to stay FAR FAR away. They are scam artists and I wish I had read all the reviews online advising as much before we booked these flights.

I have emailed, Facebook mailed them and contacted them on Twitter and I am still waiting on a response. Not holding my breathe for anything useful because so far anyone we have talked to has been beyond rude to every one of us.

Jan 27, 2017

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