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Good day

Since the start of the marked down sale i experienced numerous problems.

I am not too sure of the dates of purchases and exact prices, however my account statement should reflect correctly.

Firstly i bought reebox slippers (F1063l1145 liberty ninzi) marked at 229. 95 discounted 40% at blue route mall. However when i went to cavendish i noticed the exact same slippers marked at 199. 95 discounted 50%. I then exchanged the slippers. Can you please explain to me how is it possible for the same item be priced differently, discounted differently at different branches? I feel i was cheated.

Then i also bought bradford black laces shoes (Blue route mall) as a gift, only noticed later that the shoe box indicate 359. 99, however when item was bought it scanned as 379. 95 den discounted. How is this possible, as the box was the correct shoe box, yet the price differs on the system. Meaning that i got the wrong discount & was actually charged more than the price on the box.

Then i also notice a navy adidas tracksuit pants with stripes priced at 429. 95 marked down 40% at blue route mall. Then when i went to cavendish, the same item was marked down 50%, so i bought it at cavendish on [protected]. How is this possible that the same item is discounted differently at different branches?

On [protected] i watched edgars tv advert stating that selected items marked down upto 50%, however it did not indicate selected towels, it only said towels. So when i went on [protected] to blue route mall to buy a printed towel (Sku61265527, sty61265411) priced at 149. 95. When i got to the till i was informed that this towel was not marked down. I then spoke to the asst manageress regarding the tv advert only stating towels marked down, not selected towels and the item i wanted to buy was a towel. So i couldn't understand how this towel cannot be marked down as advertised. I still want to buy the towel, but at discounted price as per tv advert.
Can you please assist to rectify this problem.

Can you urgently attend to the above mentioned problems experienced.

Thank you for your speedy response and positive feedback.

Ms r phillips

Jan 03, 2015
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      Oct 24, 2014
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    I bought blackberry Z10 in the above mentioned shop, within the same week it stopped working.

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