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In November2012 I bought a pair of Bronx shoes from the Edgars store at the Waterfront in Cape Town. I was both surprised and disappointed when they started falling apart in March 2013, three and a half months later.
I returned them to the Waterfront store where I received excellent service from one of the managers. Curiously, he was not surprised and asked me if the shoes were Bronx. He then assisted me exchanging them for a pair of Bradfords.
Now, after about two months of moderate use, the Bradfords are in an even worse condition than the Bronx’s were. Although the leather uppers are in almost perfect condition, the soles and heels have literally worn through. One heel is beginning to tear away.
Furthermore, from inside both shoes metal strips have cut through the soles and begun protruding from them. Not only do they push up uncomfortably inside the shoes, the shoes themselves are becoming increasingly hazardous to wear – the metal strips hook and catch on rugs and the edges of steps etc.
I have about a dozen pairs of shoes, boots, and trainers, some of which I’ve had for years. All of them have seen far more use than either the Edgars pairs, yet none are even remotely in such deplorable condition. In fact, I have never seen shoes deteriorate as quickly as these have, and would very much like to find out why they have. I have enclosed photos assure you that I am not exaggerating the shocking condition of the shoes.
I would also like to find out how it has come about that such inferior products are being sold by Edgars, a store known and trusted by South Africans for its preppy style and reliable quality.
If at all possible I would therefore appreciate answers to the following questions:
1) Where, and by whom were these shoes made?
2) What material, and in particular what grade of material, was used in the manufacture of the soles and heels.
3) How does Edgars monitor its quality control? Is this done by the company itself, or does it comply with standards set by an independent external body?
4) How does it set and maintain acceptable standards, who sets them, and have these standards changed recently?
5) How does it safeguard its customers from inferior products? Does it rely on the judgement of its buyers and manufacturers, or does it do this by monitoring returned goods and / or the number of complaints received about certain items?
6) Is there a consumer protection body or other watchdog that I should perhaps approach first?
Because of my experience I do not want another pair of shoes from Edgars, and I do not want a refund gift voucher that I can only spend at Edgars. I would very much like my money returned to me in cash. I suspect however, that I may encounter resistance to this revolutionary idea.
I have not yet returned the second pair of shoes. At the moment I am too annoyed to deal with this situation civilly, and rather than going to the store and losing it at some hapless employee, I decided to first write this letter.
I am not an Edgars account holder.
I look forward to your reply.
G. H. Byrne.


May 13, 2013
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  • Ga
      Jul 12, 2017

    I purchased a pair of Mens Bronx, black leather shoes from Edgars Store, West Street, Durban, South Africa, last year.

    I was told by the salesperson that this was a pair of GENUINE leather. It definitely looks so and for a price of R599, 95, i was convinced. Besides, i only wear formal LEATHER shoes.

    Unfortunately, this year it developed a tear/crack (look at pics) along the right foot. I am a 53yrs professional male who wears it at irregular intervals, only to work which entails very little walking.

    I am very disappointed with the quality of this name brand shoe, especially when great care and pride is excercised.

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