Edgars / no communication

Cape Town, South Africa

On the 25 September I went into the store to open an account, I was stopped by a girl whilst walking in to enquire if I would like an account and she escorted me to new accounts. I then had another girl fill in the forms for me and because there was no computer available I had to stand and do this.. I only get to Mitchell's Plain pass 5 which means I have to rush to the mall as the shop closes at 6.. The girl that assisted me was on training and kept asking a lady by the Name of Nozipho what she needs to do. When everything was done Nozipho then told me that she will load the details and I will receive an sms to advise whether I qualified for the account or not. I would then need to come in with my bank statements and proof of address and payslip. Yesterday 30 September 2014 I became curious and called the branch to enquire if I qualified for the account or not. When I called a lady in the new accounts department told me that the details were never loaded and my old account still shows on the system. She asked me if the lady had put me on the phone to new accounts and I advised she didn't.. Now this infuriates me as nobody had the decency to tell me what the real process was.So the lady I spoke to very easily said I have to come back to the store and do the whole process over again.. So my question is, why is this on me? Why do I have to go back to the store and do it over if it wasn't my fault? And if this is the way Edgars values their customers then I am not even sure if I would want to be an account holder at this company! So I would like some feedback about this or Hello Peter will see the complaint as well!!!

Oct 01, 2014

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