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Western Cape, South Africa

On entering Edgar's today I was stopped by the security and asked to open my bag as the scanner had gone off. I was asked if I had purchased anything from a shop at the mall to which I showed him a phone I had just purchased. I went on and purchased some make-up and on leaving the same security stopped me and asked once again to search my bag as the scanner had gone off again. I showed him the makeup I had just purchased but was told there was something else in my bag setting the scanner off. By this time I was so angry as I had observed other customers coming and going without any of the experiencing the harassment I was getting. I emptied out my bag on the counter which was humiliating for me as I work night shift and had change of underwear in my bag. I was then told a box of grandpas which I had just purchased from clicks had set the scanner off?????????? Which I fail to understand as it had not set of the scanner from the shop I had bought it from and Edgar's does not even sell grandpas. The security then proceeded to empty out the box of grandpa's and almost tore the box apart looking for???????? This is the most humiliating and degrading experience I have ever had. I am a regular shopper at Edgar's and have been there at least once a month with shopping from other stores and never has this happened to me, if something does not get done about this I am definitely going further with this

Jun 19, 2017

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