Edgars Fashion / Edconmanagement behaviour

I am utterly disgusted at the way i was treated at your Edgars store in Pavilion. My husband and I along with a toddler and infant went shopping at your store on Saturday 1 December. We purchased 3 pairs of branded sandals for my kids. The one sandal did not have a bar code. The cashier left his till and came back a few moments later with the bar code written on his hand. It did not seem to work so we left the till again and returned moments later with another sandal to replicate the bar code. Once the transaction was done and while waiting for the slip to print, my husband put on the sandal for my 6 year old. In error, the cashier packed in the sandal used for bar coding purposes. Upon leaving the store, the packet beeped. I found that the stickers were still left on my infants shoe but at the same time i also realised that the extra pair used for bar coding purposes was also in the packet. The security guard did not even pick this up. I said to him that it does not belong to us and I do not know how it got in to the packet as my son has the shoe on his foot. He called head of security who then went to call the store manager. When Stembiso arrived, we explained what had occurred or atleast what we think. He passed a comment " I will let this slide as once it leaves the till it is regarded as theft". I was horrified! my infant was already crabby from the long wait so we walked away but i have never felt so disgusted in my life. I understand what it might look like but the right thing to do would be to check the footage before accusing me. That is defamation of character and i will not accept it. If i do not get a formal apology i will be going to social media. In South Africa we have this thing called...Innocent before proven guilty. I was made out to be a criminal.

Dec 04, 2018

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