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I purchased a cell c de luxe mobile device on 26th january 2017 from edgars eastgate. Transaction was done at 15.29
2. Device was charged overnight and on the 27th january started experiencing problems of device "freezing" at times and extremely slow.
3. Took the device to edgars eastgate on monday 30th january at 9am and it was put on/off for testing purposes. I was then told that the phone device was working perfectly. I told the sales person that i was unhappy with the performance of the device in that it was "freezing" and extremely slow and that as i was within the 7 day "window period" i would like the device to be replaced and i would be agreeable to pay any difference for another phone. A department supervisor, namely david was called to assist and he failed to reason out the issue and was adamant that the device must be booked in as it was in the "out of box period"and that it could take up to 14 days for their technical staff to check the device. I informed him that i was not agreeable to this as the device was brand new. David then called the store manager derrick (who he must have fully updated prior to listening to me). Derrick was unhelpful and was adamant that the 7 day exchange or replacement policy did not apply.
4. I was extremely disappointed at this service and their inability to assist me.
5. I subsequently contacted edcon call centre and reported the experience of service at the edgars eastgate store. I was then advised to contact finrite.
6. I contacted finrite and spoke to doris who listened to my complaint and her immediate reaction was that the store must replace the device. She further iterated that the store will deal with the device provider (in this case cell c) and sort out the issues in which the customer does not get involved. Doris also informed me that i could go to any edgars branch for the replacement.
7. At approximately 4.35pm on the 30th january i went to edgars rosebank and was attended to by a salesman, namely mohale. This person could not assist me and tried throwing all sorts of technical jargon at me. I told him i was not interested in all that stuff but just wanted to get this device returned and replaced with another. He further reminded me that i had 2 days before the expiry of the 7 days "window period" within which to return the phone. He failed to assist me and when i asked one of the counter sales personnel who was the store manager i was told he did not know. What a joke??? i then walked over to the customer services and asked to see the store manager. After about 10 minutes a lady thembi appeared. I explained to her that i had spoken to doris from finrite and that i'm here to return the phone. She was equally unable to assist and said she would refer the matter to the store manager. Funnily when she came to assist me i was under the impression that she was the store manager. Nonetheless, after 10 minutes she returns only to inform me that the store manager cannot do anything to assist. I asked her to write down the store manager's name and her name. The store manager, namely ambrosius, whether male or female, sat cosily in her chair behind the scene and did not have the courtesy of making an appearance to redress the customer's complaint. How's that for professional service? absolutely shocking...And that's one of many reasons why corporate business fails!
8. I record my utter shock and disappointment at the entire service from the two major edgars stores and the incompetency and poor knowledge of the staff including the line managers.
9. It is clear that the edgars personnel are trained to give the customers a run-around by frustrating them and drag the time lines so that any validity date for addressing the customers complaint can be nullified. In this case the window period for returning the device is 7 days.
10. This matter must be treated urgently and if not resolved will be lodged with the consumer council.

Jan 31, 2017
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  •   Jan 31, 2017

    Hi Goolam Suleman, please forward your contact details to [protected]
    We would like to see how we can assist with the issue, considering that the device was not directly purchased from Cell C. ^BM

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