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johannesburg, South Africa
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Hi I recently applied online for an edgar’s account card and I received the confirmation sms telling me to take only my i'd and the sms to collect my card, that had been approved on friday the 5th of may. I went into the edgar’s store on jeppe street on the 9th of may and was told to speak to a lady named mariam I waited for almost an hour in the line no one bothered to ask any of the customers why they are there or how they can assist them, there were only three people on duty. When I got to the lady she rudely asked me where is my bank statements I showed her the sms and asked her how was I supposed to know to bring that when the sms clearly states that I should only bring my id and the sms she continues to talk over my voice I told her to wait I will go down stairs to the bank and get the statements and bring it. On my way back in I spoke to another lady who works there she advised me that I didn't need the statement and that I just need to fetch the card. I then went back to mariam who had already taken on another client I told her what the lady downstairs had told me and she said that she doesn't know that person and that she is the only one who activates cards and that I must go and fetch that person who advised me on what I needed to tell her. She kept talking over my voice and I kept telling her that this whole situation is confusing me she then asked me to join the line again which takes up to two hours to wait to meet with a consultant and then I spoke to her and she ignored me. I left the store then I told the lady downstairs what mariam had told me and she sent me to edgars active which is opposite the building, the lady's there advised that they had cards from 2012 and they were told to throw them away, they then told me to go to carlton center edgar’s active to collect the card I walked all the way there and the lady tells me that all they systems are offline and that they were supposed to call them before they asked me to go there. Edgars is becoming really unpleasant and I didn't even get my card yet. They have no order and they do not know what they are doing the workers are inconsiderate and mariam was very rude. Please make sure that the sms's you people send are detailed otherwise you will lose customers this way. I would like to receive my card but I am not going to make myself like a fool running around with false hope.

May 10, 2017

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