eBay.comwrong information has inputed and forced to stay in customer account

The following statement is TOTAL FAKE MAKING From EBAY WITH THE SELLER.

SELLER: ec-case ( 40016 )
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Luxury Stand Leather Magnetic Card Wallet Case Cover For iPhone 5s SE 6s 7 Plus
Luxury Stand Leather Magnetic Card Wallet Case Cover For iPhone 5s SE 6s 7 Plus
Item price $20.94
Item discount -$6.99
Quantity 3
Item number [protected]
Shipping service USPS First Class Package

I purchased (3) iphone 6 plus leather case cover from ec-case on ebay. I paid on the Oct 26, 2018 and they mailed out to me on the Oct 27, 2018. AND THAT IS FINAL. I CONTACT EBAY CUSTOMER AND THE SIDE OF THE SELLER. THE SELLER AGREED AND SENT ME COPY OF MY PAYMENT. BUT THE EBAY IS KEEP ON saying something to explain to not stop creating false comment on my account.

REMARKS: this is strongly not recommended. I as a customer felt humiliated and assaulted because this act is to put customer as a thief which is not correct. I felt like Ebay is putting customer in a political situation or oppressing customer when thing doesn't went smooth on their side. I sincerely hope they will change it, otherwise, EBAY is going to turn out into a SCAM site in the next couple of years. Bad comment keep on coming.

Please delete the wrong information in customer account which they felt embarrass and neglected if they have called for assistance. They are really slow on this. Perhaps they have to re-organize and have a meeting regarding customer care and or the normal good standard of a online company.
ec-case ( 40016 )

Dec 11, 2018

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