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eBay Purse Discussion Board / anger, bitterness, harassment by purse board users

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I have found many complaints about the Ebay Purse Discussion Board and tPF but, since most of those seemed to have gotten out of control, I thought a new thread was in order.

I never posted to the Ebay Purse Discussion Board but I have spent time reading posts over the last year or so. Many of the ladies there were valuable sources of information. The problem I had was that I had to sift through post after post crap to get to the informative posts. I saw people post what they felt were honest questions or responses to questions ridiculed and harassed. What purpose does that serve? Even if the questions seemed "stupid" or the person asking it was less than gracious at reading something they didn't want to read, wouldn't using the "ignore" feature be the adult thing to do? Reacting to bad behavior with bad behavior makes one wonder who the "bad" party is. I have seen sellers ask questions that the "boardies" apparently thought was beneath them to answer but then answered anyway with insults.

While I am not a big fan of "rules", I understand that rules are made when supposedly responsible adults prove they need to be policed. Griff posted some clarified rules for posting to the board. Apparently someone somewhere felt that if posters were going to behave like children, they should be treated like children. Is it fair? I suppose it is about as fair as being harassed in a discussion forum. Upon reading these rules, the ladies went ballistic. They accused one seller for making this happen. Then they accused anyone that spoke out about the harassment of that seller (and others) on the board of being that one seller (including me). Paranoid much?

They turned to to state their case as many of the "boardies" were "pink slapped" and some were indefinately sanctioned from the boards. Some of the posts there got out of hand. Wild accusations about who was who were posted by several (or was it one with different posting IDs?). It got to be so ridiculous that Ina shut off their comments on her blog. They blamed the one poster for getting them sanctioned (couldn't be their posts that got them sanctioned, right?), Griff for making rules that made it supposedly impossible to authenticate purses (funny, there are several making the system work the best that they can), counterfeit sellers for their harassment of top-rated sellers...and the list goes on.

So, what is a bunch bored "bordies" to do you ask? Well, let me tell you. They go to other sites like Ina's blog on (before she shut of their comments, that is), the Purse Forum, YouTube, and this site and begin to harass the seller that they feel caused them all this grief. They have posted her name (I assume it's her real name), her seller ID, the state in which she lives (I assume she really lives there). They have harassed and belittled her (and her family) in their vicious posts. Yet they wonder why they have beened banned (whether temporarily or permanently). They attacked Griff as if their viciousness was somehow his fault (or ebay's). And, let us not forget that they have accused numerous people of being either Griff or this certain seller. Sometimes a poster to a discussion can be both of them at the same time (seems the ladies don't always agree).

I hope the "boardies" find what it is that is lacking in their lives that makes them behave as though they are the only ones that have the right to be angry by this mess. If you are really looking for a target ladies, try your mirror. You got your hands slapped. So what? Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!

And before you continue your attack (through your posts or your pending "lawsuit") you might want to read the following (I found it rather informative):

Publishing Contact Information

Publishing contact information of another eBay member in any online public area is not permitted. If you experience a violation of this policy, please report it using the Customer Support link at the bottom of this page. When reporting, please be sure to send a copy of the post with the subject line.

Violation of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

Listing cancellation

Limits on account privileges

Account suspension

Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings

Loss of PowerSeller status

If you are still buying or selling on Ebay, you might want to ask yourself if your account can be connected to the posts I mentioned above.

eBay Purse Discussion Board

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  • Xy
      26th of Feb, 2010
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    I totally agree. Their behaviour is rediculous. You can be sure they will be here on the attack, which is OK, as it will just verify their behaviour, once again.

    I just checked out this compalints board and was surprised (not really) to see 31 pages of purse related complaints! Many of them referred to the ebay purse board. I'm just glad that Griff and ebay and now making them follow the rules.

    No more slamming other sellers;

    No more manipulating the purse board to promote themselves and each other.

    No more rude or snide remarks.

    No more wanna be experts who were never appointed by any company, or ebay.

    The ebay purse board is actually a civilized place now. Kudos to the posters still there, that are trying to help others within the rules. They show caring and class, and help others with dignity and respect. What a shame the others ( sanctioned or protesting the rules) know nothing about that sort of thing.

  • Th
      26th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Well HolyCanoli, I cannot say why they do it (what benefit they were getting from their posts, etc.) but I can say that the board is a much more pleasurable place to read these days.

    I also do not know anything about their expertise per se, but I do know that some of the behavior (and I can only speak for what I have actually seen) was far from professional. It's hard to take someone seriously when they feel that "rude or snide remarks" as you put it, are the way to get your point across. Far from it!

    My sincere hope is that this thread can remain civil and be a place where honest opinions (both for and against my original post) can be "voiced" without fear of harassment or intimidation tactics. Name calling and many of the accusations I have seen flying around in other sites are juvenile at best. It's like being in junior high school again. I am not afraid of being called names (sticks and stones and all that) it just makes it difficult to have a reasonable adult discussion.

    Anyway, thank you for your input. And don't worry about them coming in to attack me for having an opinion. I have my big girl panties on as well as some really great boots!

  • Xy
      28th of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    It looks like the old boardies who gave out advise are calming down and coming back. Hopefully, they will abide by the rules now, and stop all the nastiness. Somehow, I don't think they 'll do it for long, though. They seem to come by all of that nastiness, quite naturally. We'll see.

  • Th
      1st of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I saw that HolyCanoli...and I hope you are you're wrong but I don't have much confidence in that either. Sad.

  • Xy
      1st of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Get used to it. Websites are doing up with your names, addresses, maps to your homes, pictures of both of you and invites by everyone who has ever been stalked on the web to pay you both a visit. For tea. It's gonna be great.

    Game on. And it's not the people on the ### Ebay blogs you got to worry about. You get payback from all your ### everywhere else first. People have long memories. So does family.

    Time to get what you give. Plus some


  • Th
      2nd of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I find this all so very sad and pathetic. It's no wonder the purse board got a face lift. It was terribly ugly underneath. Uglier than I would have ever suspected after a year of reading posts there.

    I am still trying to wrap my mind around the poster who is posting personal information under many IDs in any public forum she can find. The name "Sybil" comes to mind. Is she a banned member of the purse board? Does she think her insane behavior will some how get her back on the boards?

    I have noticed one thing though. If she ever had any friends on the board, they have completely abandoned her. I have noticed on all of the public forums no one seems to address her odd behavior or back it up as we have seen the boardies do for each other time and time again. I guess without friends she has plenty of time for stalking and dreaming up new posting IDs.

    I feel sorry for you flyincoach688. I truly hope that there is still someone left in your life that still cares enough to get you the psychological help you so desperately need. While many stalkers view their actions within a delusional framework and therefore see no need to get help, a few do actually approach professionals. I hope that you are one of those few.

    Try this resource:

  • Th
      3rd of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Wow Bag, I don't even know how to respond to that post. Could you post the link so we can see it in all its shamefulness. I would really love to read it. I can tell you that she is alot nicer than I would have been if someone had falsely accused me and had my listing removed. I am sure the "boardies" would not have been so gracious if the tables had been turned.

  • Im
      3rd of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Bag in the saddle,

    Reading some of the posts you've presented, is dejavu for me. I had the exact same kind of harrassment regarding a Channel Bag that I had listed on ebay.

    I understand a buyer trying to get advise, to make sure my Channel was authentic, but by putting my listing number in the post, it subjected me to all kinds of ridicule and false accusations of my character, by these boardies.

    About five of them claimed the bag was fake. Several others insulted my photos and description. Then they went through all of my completed listings and questioned them as well.Then, one of the boardies appeared and said to hold off, as she thought my Channel was authentic!

    At this point, the buyer was totally confused. I finally responded and told them when and where I had purchased the Channel and that I even had the receipts for it. They demanded pictures of my receipts! They just kept insulting my character and questioning me as a seller. I felt like I was on trial, and with who?

    I finally got mad and told them exactly what I thought, which I realize now, I was set up by them, so they could report my post, and get me sanctioned from the boards. This is how they they have operated for years. They not only report listings, they report posts, after, they set you up to get reported! I have never seen such an operation as this and am glad that ebay has caught on to them finally.

    Ebay never did remove my listing, the sale went well and I was left great feedback by a very satisfied buyer. I have continued to do well on ebay. I can post again as my sanction has expired, but why would I? They don't want you there. That board is apparently just for them only, and is definately manipulated by them.(not anymore)

    Since then, over the years, I have visited the board and read and saw so many sellers, go through the exact same thing. I have seen them recommend other sellers (themselves probably under different ID)

    I could understand it, if they found a seller who had obvious new fakes, that were deliberately trying to pass off their fakes, as authentic, reporting them and getting them suspended. But to lynch mob small time sellers of used designer bags, that really believe what they have is authentic (or in my case, know they are) is just plain wrong. And the worst part of it, is the sheer delight they get from it. It seems to be a power trip for them. The way they laugh, joke and snicker over causing others to lose their accounts and their livlyhood, is disgusting. It's sad that this is the only power they seem to have in their lives.

    I, and I am sure many others, are so glad that ebay won't allow this anymore. Ebay and Vero know who the real crooks are and they don't need the purse board to point them in the wrong direction.

    Praise ebay!

  • Im
      5th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I have read many of the ebay guides about Coach bags. I noticed many of the same statements made in many of them. These must be common knowledge by the writers of these guides.
    Here is an example I have copied and pasted, of statements written in four different guides.

    * but there are many more number combinations being used. Coach bags will never have serial numbers in these formats, and will NEVER say Made In Korea. Coach has never made bags in Korea

    * However, I have also heard that Coach does NOT make bags in Korea or Thiland - so if you see a "Made in Korea" or "Made in Thailand" tag then you'll know it's fake. Bags sold on the "DHgate" website (and similar sites) are NOT authentic!!!

    * Coach made their products from different countries such as Costa Rica, Turkey, China etc... EXCEPT KOREA! So if it says made in Korea, Forget about it, It is FAKE!

    * I do know that Coach bags are not made in Korea, for now anyway, so if a Coach item says it is made in Korea then it is a replica.

    SINCE THEY ALL STATE THE SAME THING, MUST BE PLAGURISM? That concept is unacceptable. Just because two or more guides have the same info in them, it does not indict plagurism. It just means these writers know the same information.
    I have noticed that many of these guides contradict each other as well. Most of them just tell you to buy from good sellers.(themselves)

    I have come to the conclusion that a buyer had best know what they are buying, or don't buy it! That's it, that's all.

  • Ti
      13th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Oh, dear, I see this ALL the time on the internet sadly enough...
    I so hear ya on this one, OP!

    "I hope the "boardies" find what it is that is lacking in their lives that makes them behave as though they are the only ones that have the right to be angry by this mess. If you are really looking for a target ladies, try your mirror. You got your hands slapped. So what? Put on your big girl panties and deal with it! "

    I think these web creatures, as I like to call them, have WAY too much time on their hands.

    I started using the web, when we had such a thing called "net etiquette", i.e. you were polite to people, OR if you didn't like them, you just ignored their comments, case closed!

    Now I can spend literally HOURS of my day, fight off all the cyber-bullies, when I go to certain forums, just trying to get a basic question answered!

    I just got off a forum called My word ! They must have gone to school for cyber-bullying!

    Some of them seem to have degrees in hit.. Check out Dee shops little comments to the movie checks on that board! Whoa.. lady! Try taking up a positive hobby, please!!
    Yeah. I don't know what motivates people to think they have the right to attack others in cyber-space either!

    My hunch is basically they are COWARDS in real-life and wouldn't dream of sayign the things to someone's face in real life, they get to do on the web!
    But since they're hiding behind their little sacred computer screens, they feel they have carte blanche to multilate someone's self-esteem, making degrading comments, often PM their OTHER cyber-bullies and also get them to attack that one person. like they are their own personal target!

    I guess you can see I loathe cyber-bullies.. Yeah, if I don't like I just give them wide berth, unless you've gotten onto a thread that I myself have created and keep giving me grief. Then you are going to get it back in spades, because i won't allow myself to be repeated attacked by these cyber-bullies without sticking up for myself!

    I don't give up my civil rights just because i'm in cyber-space

    I do wish there were laws in place, that people were fine or something when they did this!

    You know.. i know this is long-winded, but most of us have to pay for an ISP service and there IS a n agreement you must sign saying you won't be harassing or threatening people

    I think the lawyers need to start creating Cyber Lawyers so we can get our rights back in cyber-space.
    Nice to hear there are others out there who also agree with my point of view, and think we shud display manners on the web also!

  • Ti
      13th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have to ask a question here...
    I'm not an any purse forum or even a member of Ebay but I had thought about trying to sell some of my things on Ebay.

    Are all the forums on Ebay this bad?

    Gosh, I hope not!
    I'm just so so tired of all the garbage on the web, in general, of dealing with people on forums and message boards who cannot bother to bring their manners with them to their keyboard, it's so childish and yet depressing to deal with.

    [b]Are there any good forum on Ebay one can go to?

    I'm thinking of selling some electronic gadgets on there. Are they a happier, more peaceful crowd?[/b]

    Good thing I'm not really into handbags anyway! My last one cost me $10 and I've been using it for a solid year now! lol...

    yeah.. ladies CAN be unpleasant at times... maybe that's why I always end up having male friends not female friends...
    Sad, isn't it?

  • Pl
      20th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    We know who you are you lyin rumor starting witch! You need to SHUT YOUR MOUTH! You have been slanedering flyin all over the internet.

    All anyone has to do is look at your toolhaus record. Here it is for all to see...

    Your feedback is horrible. You only have 200 something score. Your listings are AWFUL. Just because you SUCK, doesn't mean a successful seller like flyin is shilling, you ###. She has over 700 score and is a top rated seller, which gives her more options to list in featured areas, etc.Her listing get more exposure, therefore, more bidding, not to mention her FLAWLESS reputatation and outstanding performance to all of her REPEAT buyers.

    You need to back off ###! We have had enough of your bull! You are nothin but a jealous LOSER. Just because someone is better at selling on ebay than YOU are (which wouldn't be hard to do) doesn't mean they are shill bidding. If she was winning her own items to ship them to herself...MY GOD! That doesn't even make ANY sense!! You are truly an IDIOT!

    We read all of your bragging about trying to report her for it. DIDN'T WORK! You know why DUMB ###??? CUZ she's NOT doin it! We KNOW it. Ebay KNOWS it, and YOU better KNOW it too! and quit your damn lyin!

    Yours, is not the only God awful feedback rating on toolhaus from these so called experts on the ebay purse forum. The poor saps that take advice from you should check you all out, before they listen to your so called expertise. Your nothing but a bunch of lying, whining LOSERS, with HORRIBLE feedback from buyers you RIPPED off!! THIS CAN BE PROVEN! GO ahead everyone . Check out the toolhaus record on THIS so called expert. Will provide you with more, on other 'experts' later..if this doesn't stop NOW!

  • Pl
      20th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Sorry bag in the saddle, I beat you to it! LOL! I'm sure there are some other user id's you can 'plagarize'? They just won't quit, so why should we? Talk about sore losers. Guess we'll just have to open up another can, huh, Pop Eye?

  • Th
      24th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I copied from a post made on another thread by Bag in the Saddle (I hope you don't mind Bag):

    One last snag from the TPF tonight.


    Joined: Sep 2007Posts: 221

    Originally Posted by dolali
    Why does this person seem to have so much power? Who is she? It is AMAZING that a coropration like ebay listens to her!

    And, I agree with other posters: all ebay cares these days is money, regardless of where it comes from). It has lost its values, integrity and honesty - if it ever had them.

    I'm with you. Personally, I think the reason she has so much is that she wrote to EBay and Griff under lots and lots of different names, as well as recruiting other members to do the same. One thing we know is that she uses lots of names and has lots of energy and lots of words. I think it was just a barrage and they were convinced by the sheer number. That's my theory anyway.

    Let me help you a little bit here ladies:

    Mark my words, this isn't the work of just one person. I have been lurking on the eBay purse board for a year. Ebay doesn't respond to the complaints of one (or just a few) as you well know. This is several years worth of many sellers and posters crying foul. What gives her (and the others that are sick of being bullied and harassed) so much power is...YOU.

    You women have harassed this seller and posted her personal information all over the internet. You aren't turning buyers away from her as this behavior takes any and all credibility away from your claims that she sells fakes or is shill bidding. Honestly, you make me want to buy a purse from her. When anyone is targeted on several websites mercilessly and endlessly, it makes me wonder what the harassers are really trying to accomplish. I recall one poster posting a picture of one of this sellers items on the eBay board and asking why she was making so much less than your "favorite seller" on pre-owned Coach bags. At this point it seemed to me that the hate for this seller had nothing to do with fakes, shill bidding or a buying guide. Those are just handy excuses you all use because you think it will work better than the truth. Try this one on for size: We all hate (insert sellers name here) because she isn't one of us, yet she is a top-rated seller with an excellent track record who gets top dollar for her handbags. There, now doesn't the truth feel better?

    I won't even dignify the multiple posting ID subject with a paragraph here...that is, unless you ladies really want me to?

  • Da
      29th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    You must all bow to me as I am the Queen of all the experts. None are above me. Do you understand? I never have made a mistake. And you can bet I never will. I run the TPF also. Here Is my ID there Hyacinth. Do not dare to say a word there or I will run you off. I own the TPF board! None are above me. Also I am in charge of the EBAY PURSE BOARD. If Any of you even try to post any where I do. You will answer to the Queen. READ ME! Do not dare to post anywhere about me, I am Your QUEEN. Do you all understand! You can not Post to, or about me. I will not allow it. YOU BETTER NOT! YOU CAN'T BECAUSE I AM QUEEN!


    You will also BOW to " i*m-thebag-in-saddle-amen! " She works for me.

  • Im
      29th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Oh, my QUEEN, Daria48! I am so happy I found you! I think it is so terrible that ebay keeps sanctioning you, for all of your 'helpful' posts. They just don't know that YOU are the ONLY one who knows anything about Coach. All thoses sellers that have about 20 Coach bags (real AND fake), that go thru their hands every week, for years and years ...WHAT could they possiby know? Just because they have hundreds, even thousands of 100% positve feedbacks, and your's has so many negatives, dosen't mean a thing!

    ONLY YOU could have possibly learned anything all these years. NO ONE else has EVER done any research or had ANY experience, except for YOU.

    It was so terrible how they took information from your fake numbers list, that YOU COLLECTED, from others and put together, and claimed you did it all on your own. What gives them the right? I don't know WHY ebay would remove such a wonderful thing from their site. Guess they thought it was not from Coach and they might get in trouble?

    I am so happy to see you here. We can get back to harrassment as usual now! Only problem is, there is no way to report anyone here. It won't be any fun at all! Can you believe that naive 'handbag_babe', actually thinks we can still help people, while following the rules?? HOW ABSURD! Why on earth would we EVER want to do that, when we can't even eliminate the competition anymore! We'll NEVER make any money NOW!! FORGET IT! Who cares about fakes or good guys. IS SHE CRAZY! I can't even stand that ebay board and REFUSE to help anyone, if I can't break the rules!

    Don't worry, Daria, we'll find our way back to our thrones, somehow.You hang in there. Would you like me to come over and rub your feet, honey? Just say the word. I'll een chage your depends, if needed. I love you so much. Always remember that you have friends, even when so many think "YOU AIN'T ###!'

  • Im
      29th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    What's so funny, flyincoach? Is that really you? Or someone who stole your id? It's no laughing matter that we can't eliminate the competition anymore! How will we EVER make any money now? Lord knows, our bags are way overpriced, damaged, not clean...even our feedback says so.

    And YOU! How DARE you have all of your bags professionaly cleaned and polished! That makes them ALTERED! That one red one that PKBOOGOESCRAZY, had listed with the huge ink stain on the back, was SO much nicer!

    Women don't like their bags showing up, cleaned and polished! What is wrong with you!?? They would much rather have them dirty dingy with all the 'original' scuffs, scrathes, smells and all! Everyone KNOWS they are much better that way.

    How are we ever going to compete with this kind of professionalism? I'll take my dirty, stinky old bags ANY DAY!

  • Da
      29th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes


    Flyin, Why will you not Bow before your queen? I own this thread! And every thread and board about purses. Do you understand? I am the number 1 Expert on COACH in all the lands. Bow before your Great QUEEN! As for my attack on you, I your Great Queen, Am just getting warmed up. After trying all 18 of my ID'S and yours, I am here with my real handle and you will Bow. I have run your name down all over the Internet. SADDLE'S LIL PLAN sure back fired big time. In fact all of my underlings have done a sad job of slandering your name all over the Internet. They need to do a better job for their Queen. I came here to show you my awsome Power! I alone control the Airwaves. NOT YOU FLYIN.
    See for yourself my last Ebay post.

    daria48 (702)
    View Listings

    Posts: 5, 515 (16 of 19) Re: Coach People
    Mar 29, 2010 6:40 AM Report
    handbag_babe wrote:

    Define "expert."

    An expert is someone who does her own research instead of copying everyone else's and then claiming she discovered everything by herself.

    An expert is someone who recognises a fake serial number when she sees one.

    An expert is someone who's willing to learn from people who are smarter and more experienced than she instead of trying to denigrate their expertise.

    An expert is someone who knows that what you see isn't always what you get.

    An expert is someone who doesn't need to use 25 or 30 different posting IDs to share her expertise. One or two are usually enough. She has enough self-respect in her own knowledge to put her name and reputation on the line every time she posts.

    An expert is someone who doesn't go ballistic when someone with more knowledge and experience corrects a mistake or criticises a comment. An expert LEARNS from a mistake, instead of attacking the person who's pointed it out.

    An expert enjoys sharing knowledge with other experts rather than seeing them as enemies and declaring vendetta on them.

    An expert knows when her expertise is no match for greed and stupidity, and will act accordingly.

    Feel my power? Just look at the underlings replys They know and feel my power. I control them all down to their font. Without me they are nothing! HALE YOUR QUEEN!

    Ausie-guy (214)
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    Posts: 1, 212 (18 of 19) Re: Coach People
    Mar 29, 2010 12:24 PM Report
    Well done Daria!!!

    esc1zz0rhandz (96)

    Posts: 131 (19 of 19) Re: Coach People
    Mar 29, 2010 12:59 PM Report
    ausie-guy wrote:
    Well done Daria!!!

    Amen (and well said).

    See, I even got a 'Amen " As well I should. I am God like in the Coach World. And the whole world knows it and BOWS TO THEIR QUEEN.

    Saddle, while your down there. Can you do that nibble thing you do to my toe nails? Aussie Nibbles.

  • Da
      29th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes


    Posts: 5, 508
    Ignore (2 of 3)
    Re: Which Coach?
    Jan 31, 2010 8:15 AM

    Just for the record, the Experts are probably taking a vacation until (and of course I'm speaking hypothetically here for anyone who might think these comments are directed toward a specific poster or group):

    1- Ebay stops responding to certain individuals' malicious reporting of posts not in violation of any rules because the poster wants to get back at other posters and who may even have used even more interesting methods of revenge at other places or forums

    2- allows the above-mentioned malicious reporting by posters with previous records of disruptive and insulting behavior toward other posters to continue with their vindictive little vendettas which includes but isn't limited to the removal of the Coach Fake Numbers pinned thread

    3- allows the same kind of wanna-be-an-experts to not only question the real experts' knowledge and experience but then to plagarize the real experts' posts and guides to use in a Cut-and-Pasted so-called Guide under her own ID after trying to get another poster's Ebay Guide removed.

    As I said, these are purely hypothetical suggestions and I would be absolutely APPALLED if anyone thought or assumed I was speaking about any particular person. If anyone needs a definition of "hypothetical" they can always try to PM me, but don't be surprised if I don't answer your question.

    Oh, and I've heard that the authenticators at Coach - Coach Shopping - Authenticate This Coach section at forum DOT purseblog DOT com/coach-shopping
    are pretty good too.

  • Im
      29th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Hail! My great queen! We are here for you! I will be happy to do that 'toe nibble' thing for you again. Really gets all the jam out! I am sure ausie guy will be happy to do your next enima, for you, like she always does. Do you need anymore geritol? I'll be sure to bring you some, next time I visit the nursing home.

    Just PLEASE, tell me, is this Foach fake? Serial number NT-4802. We so miss your expertise. The board has jumped 4 whole pages in the past month. Oh, most of the questions were about LV's. It's just no fun there anymore. No more seller bashing. What WILL we do?? Let us know if you need ANYTHING, my great queen!

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