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eBay / greed

1 IL, United States Review updated:

I am fed up with Ebay and PayPal not supporting their sellers, and where would they be without us??? In the last few years Ebay has changed their rules and now takes money from all angles...even a tax from the shipping that the seller charges the buyers to recieve their items!!! What business do they have to take part of the shipping...this is none of their business and should keep their greedy fingers out!! The reason, they say, they do this is because sellers would charge a ridiculous amount of shipping to a buyer, but if the buyer is willing to pay it, it is none of ebay's business...surely the buyers are smart enough to make their own decisions on weather to buy the item or not! Ebay instructed me to charge more for the item to cover the shipping charge that they take...WHAT? So now everyone looses except Ebay.
Ebay also has a judging form that buyers fill out about sellers, and if they are not 100% happy about everything or are just having a bad day, the seller gets a bad rap. Ebay gives advice on how to get your grade up...Sell the item cheaper(how can we, when we have to cover the postage taxes they take), charge less for shipping, ( how can we...we have to charge more now, because ebay charges shipping taxes), offer paypal for payment, ( how can we, when paypal charges the buyer a certain % of the cost of the item so that they get their cut for the convenience of the buyer, because the buyer is not stupid enouth to pay it), and ship within a certain amount of days. If you do all of this, Ebay, Paypal and the buyer will be happy and you might get a good grade...If the buyer even bothers to give you feedback! (I only get feedback from about 50% of my buyers). By this time, you have lost your butt in the item, and you would be better off giving it to a good cause in your area. I have sold over 1022 items and have 100% feedback, but ebay gives me a below normal grade. and if I would continue to selll thru them, as of June, they will hold my payments from the buyers for 21 days until the buyer is totally satisfied!!! Buyers work so hard, taking pictures of the item, describing them accuratlely, packaging them well, and then going to the post office 4 times a week, so the buyer will recieve them in a timely manner. It use to be fun, but ebay has made it a full time job! I have even sold items that has come up in a negative monetary value for me, because of all of the charges...the buyer is getting a great deal, but the seller is being robbed! Before I knew that ebay was taking a tax off of the postage that I charge the buyer, I was even sending some of the postage back to the buyer, because I accidently charged them too much...Ha, What a joke. I am honest and the Ebay and Paypal is a scam. Oh Paypal...let's talk about that...I went thru hoops for a buyer in France to repackage his item, to cut down on his postage three times, I repackaged and ended up making a box small enough to make his postage where he thought it was cheap enough...He ended up saying he did not get it, and filed a greivance against me...even tho I had the reciept of mailing the item, and told my story, PayPal took his side, and actually went into my Paypal account and took out the amount of the item that was paid to me!!! I am not usually an angry person, and try to look to the good of everything, but there is no more good about ebay or paypal...I QUIT...I hope this note helps you also make a decision. I will sell on other sites. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!!

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  • Da
      25th of Jul, 2012
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    I have the same issue. Today, after being with EBay for 12 years, they have put my money on hold for 21 days because 5 buyers rated my selling fees too high. Think about this: The buyer sees the shipping cost, agrees to pay it, pays for the shipping, posts positive feedback, and then rates me low. EBay then decides that this is merit for them to hold my money, with their fees removed, and making interest. The customer service rep, ( who barely spoke English, ) told me this was a punishment for the high shipping costs. I am a one man show and must pay the UPS rates from a local UPS store. The EBay rep actually told me to lower prices and lose money to improve my rating.

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