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eBay / unfounded suspension

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I have been an active ebay member since 2004. I have a 100% rating and until recently have had no real problems with ebay. A couple of months ago I tried signing into my account only to be notified my password was incorrect. I immediately went to my email and saw a new message from ebay explaining they had changed my account password for security reasons...that someone had made multiple unsuccessful attempts to get into my account. Within a month, this same thing happened. I sent an email to ebay about this issue because it concerned me and never received a response. My husband made a purchase on Oct.22,2007 and paid for the product immediately. Two days later when we tried to login for information regarding the shipment of our purchase we were locked out of our account and told we were suspended because we were believed to be a previously suspended member who was fraudulent. I emailed them right away angry and concerned because there is no reason for the link. We have never been involved in fraudulent activity, nor have we ever had another ebay account. In the meantime, it is now Nov.2,2007 and have still not received our product and since we are locked out of our account we cannot contact the seller. Ebay has FINALLY responded to our email concerning these issues and they did not address my concerns for what purpose they believe me to be linked to this previously suspended user or if my information is being used by someone else illegally. The only response I was given was to fax over a copy of my state id card, credit card statement with name and address information, a utility bill also with identifying information and some sort of legal paper to sign stating that I will not be involved in fraudulent activity on ebay. This is crap that for no reason at all, no reason they can give me they suspend me, they don't answer my concerns about whether someone may be using my identity or what makes them believe I am affiliated with this previously suspended user, and now I have to jump through hoops to prove myself to them. For what? For them to use poor judgment with my personal information, leaking it out to who knows... just to have this happen again!? And as I said, here I said still not having received my ordered and paid for product and nothing that I can do to resolve the issue. Pissed off isn't even the word. I WILL be canceling my account with ebay and I WILL be sending a letter of complaint to ebay... Even though I know it will fall on deaf ears.

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  • Ka
      3rd of Nov, 2007
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    I had the same thing happen to me. However, I hadn't used the account for some time, but received an e-mail stating that someone had tried to sign on to my account. I didn't click into the link on the e-mail because I wasn't sure if it was a phishing e-mail. I went to E-Bay directly and found that I couldn't get into my account. Being that I had not used the account, I asked that they close my account because I had been the victim of identity fraud and had found that my paypal account was also in jeopardy. I canceled that as well. I still receive e-mails from e-bay and from e-bay shoppers stating that they have purchased and paid for items from me that I have not sent. Unfortunately, I have not had anything on e-bay and ebay won't release information about who is using my account and what payment process they are going through to obtain the money's that people are apparently sending to me, that I have no knowledge of. E bay had sent me an e-mail after I had asked that they cancel my account and told me that they had to leave it active for 30 days. After 30 days, they told me the account was closed, but apparently they did not close the account. Having same problems with paypal and once you close an account with either of these companies, it appears you cannot open another with a different e-mail address (unless of course you are a thief). It's a very sad situation and world that we live in. But it appears if the people that originate these scams put as much time into actually making an honest living, they'd be wealthy and there would be a whole lot less fraud going on.

  • Jo
      4th of Sep, 2016
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    eBay suspended me months back. After several months of contacting them and trying to appeal, they sent me a message that my appeal was denied and the suspension is indefinite.

    I have a family to support and this made half of the income. Not only does eBay not care about the sellers anymore, they purposely promote fraud for buyers as well. Absolute disgust.

    This is why many people who have been kicked off are going stealth I myself have contacted Auction Essistance to help me get back on and make back the income that eBay purposely took away. Do not let eBay win or destroy your family.

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