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Switzerland Review updated:

I have used EasyJet flights over years.

On January 8, 2010 my flight from Basel to London was cancelled late in the evening.

I returned to my appartment which was only viable using a taxi CHF 160.

On January 9, 2010 I claimed a refund of my fare CHF 497.92 + CHF 160 for the taxi by submitting a receipt.

On January 18, 2010 my credit card account was credited by EasyJet CHF 340.70 and I was informed that the taxi fare was not refundable.

To date despite repeated requests I am short by CHF 157.22 (497.92 minus 340.70)

Alan Jones

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  • Ai
      11th of Feb, 2010

    Ask them how they calculated the refund... But don't expect them to pay for your taxi. Taking a taxi was your decision and they can't be expected to pay for it. What if you decided to hire a helicopter to fly home? Should they pay for that too? Of course not... Just try to get your FULL refund and be done with it. Have them explain where the missing money is and how the refund was calculated. If they charged you a cancellation fee you will need to bring to their attention that this was an involuntary cancellation... Good luck!

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  • Na
      9th of Mar, 2010

    This is not correct that the airline is not obliged to reimburse the taxi fare for the transportation back home in case of the flight being cancelled. Here is the link to the European Regulation 264/2004 which deals with delays, cancellations and denied boarding of the flights to and from European Union. Although your flight was from the country which is not a part of the EU, this regulation will still apply since you were flying to London which is a member of the EU. Article 5 of the Regulation deals with the cancellations and it refers you to the Article 9 which explains what sort of assistance you should be provided with depending on your circumstances. If the flight was cancelled not due to the extraordinary circumstances (weather, air controller strikes, etc, in other words outside of the airline control) you are also entitled to the compensation of EUR 250 in accordance with Article 7.
    Although, Easy Jet Customer Service is useless and they try every possible excuse not to pay you, if you don't give up (and this is their main strategy to make the process for you so complicated that many people do give up) and go till the end, eventually you will get your money back with the compensation (if you qualify for it).

    Good luck!

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