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on the 26/10/2014 booked flight ezy3827 Paris to Copenhagen at 11.10 arriving at 13.05 for 23rd June 2015. I became aware of altered flight times when printing the ticket in December of 2014. The time was changed to 07.05 arriving at 09.00. As we arrive from Australia at 06.30 there is now no time to catch this flight & no other plane available same day to enable me to meet my extended commitments. I contacted easyjet & explained my position but no refund however I was offered a voucher good for 6 months only which I could not use since we arrive later than the 6 month time period --- the voucher did not even extend as far as my booking & arrival so I declined to accept it & then they have ceased discussions.
I was fully aware that there is no refund if I don't show for my booking but unaware that Easyjet can alter the time & simply keep your funds & consider this most unfair, they could make it policy to change their flights like this & make a lot of money not advising of the change & opening seats for which they can sell again, I should at least get my seat booking fees back ---BEWARE

Jan 10, 2015
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  • Da
      Jan 16, 2009
    EasyJet - taking money from my account every month without my permission
    Scotland, Grampian
    United Kingdom

    I booked flights via easy jet for may last year & since then I have just noticed that every month I have £8.00 removed from my account for no reason. I want to know how this can be stopped. No wonder Stelios is loaded if he gets this amount of money from every person that books a flight!

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  • Je
      Jun 14, 2009
    EasyJet - no complaint procedure
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom

    I cancelled the insurance element of the flight on the website and it said that I would get a refund but none has been forthcoming.

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  • Sy
      Jul 22, 2009

    The same has happened to me and I am trying to get a refund. There is no way I would have subscribed and signed up for £8 per month to be taken out of my account.

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  • Ca
      Sep 16, 2009

    Sylvia / Dawn-

    I just had the same thing happen to me. This company is took $3000 out of my account without my permission. Were you able to get it resolved. If so, how?

    Any help suggestions are much appreciated!

    Carrie Granado

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  • Su
      Jun 26, 2010
    EasyJet - unautherised payments
    United Kingdom

    money has been taken out of my bank account for the last 2 months without my permission i would like to be imbursed and no further deductions from my bank

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  • Er
      Jul 03, 2010

    You might want to provide more details.

    Does your bank statement show it was easyjet? Or have the bank confirmed it was them?

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  • Wi
      Apr 26, 2011
    EasyJet - over paid flight
    England, Merseyside
    United Kingdom
    Phone: [protected]

    I am angry with easyjet for ripping me off I paid over the odds for a flight from palma to liverpool I paid in the airport 400 euros to just go back to england they owe me alot of money back It should of been 120 pound strange they are a rip-off airline I am not taking any chances but I ahave tried and tried but no success they owe me my money back I paid to much.

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  • Wi
      Apr 26, 2011

    easyjet owe me 400 euros they are a rip off company and only got them selves to do the damage on customers like myself I have complained for a month now and still nothing is ever going my way the flight from palma to liverpool should of cost 120 euros.

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  • Br
      May 26, 2011
    EasyJet - Receipt for travel
    United Kingdom

    I travelled by Easyjet on a business trip and needed a receipt for my expenses. They wanted to charge me £10 to issue a valid receipt!

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  • St
      Sep 08, 2012
    EasyJet - always late
    United Kingdom

    I am a regular flier with easyjet but their departures are late too often latest four andhalf hours milan to edinburgh 31st august. I have one flight booked with easyjet but that is my last one. Dont use them.

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  • Pe
      Apr 23, 2013

    When it comes to refunds from Easyjet when they give them (and I was fully refunded for my entire booking (did not travel- very long story), there can be 5 days or more or so between the time an agent promises you a refund, and when their accounting department actually puts the transaction through. Further, there's about one week between the time the accounting departments registers the transaction and when they actually post it to your credit card for example...I found this out in a frustrating way. On that note, once Easyjet actually posted the refund, I got it back on my credit card within less than 12 hours! Go figure...

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  • Mi
      Oct 10, 2013

    I tried to purchase a flight on line, Of course easyjet had problems with there site and i ended up paying for 4 flights when i only wanted 1 and no tickets were issued. I call to get my money back on my bank card. They said they would. It has been over 10 days and still nothing. 933 euros gone and still waiting for easyjet to send my money back. They took the money on line with in seconds so why should i have to wait days to get MY money back!!!

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  • Ea
      Apr 10, 2015

    Easyjet have poor business practices - in my case I took two flights June 2010, and June 2014, both were cancelled due to french strike action. I nominated in both cases to receive refunds from their website process. 1st flight nothing processed after two months, contacted via support - advised money be in your acct in days - Never received. 2nd flight logged request for refund via site. 10mths still not processed. Contacted again by support - again be in acct in x days. I'm waiting but not hopefully and still after 2010 refund. They are thieves, if I cancel it is different (accept loss), but in our cases they changed things so should accomodate. In mine they cancelled and advised what would I like - I indicated refunds - but never got them. Note I'm only claiming my ticket costs not additional - false advertising, thieves, never ever ever fly them - because if they cancel on you - they are unethical and don't give you your money back!

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