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Yesterday 29 April 2012 returning to Newcastle from Malaga flying with easyjet. We know to get to the airport 2 hours before our flight, got to check in desk to hundreds of people in " all destination" desks. Waited in the que about an hour and a half to not even get half way, eventually "Newcastle" came up on the board, went straight to desk where they told us it was closed, we had 2 suitcases to check in that we had already paid for, went to Easyjet help desk where she said we had to go to gate with our luggage as soon possible! Also give us the wrong gate number, got to security where they took all our perfumes Deodorants etc off us which wouldn't of been needed if they checked us in, rushed down to the gate we got told which was the wrong one, finally got to the right gate where we then got charged €100 euros for our luggage to be taken on! The attitude was disgusting, the fact we were there when we should of been but to have to wait in ridiculous queues and cost us all that extra money! The same happened to a group of 6 lads and a couple whom didn't have the money to pay for their luggage could not fly! I am a frequent flyer as I have family abroad but shall be travelling jet2 in future!

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  • Ka
      25th of Dec, 2009

    Easyjet has recently cancelled my flight without any explanation. In their e-mail they said they stated that they grant a free transfer to another flight on the same route within 30 days of the original flight date. Hence I have attempted numerous times to change the flight to another date. Now, here is the dodgy part: When I choose any of the 'available' flights (which are perfectly fine if I connect anonymously and try to purchase for some exorbitant price) for the week 5-11 January 2010, I face some type of error (there are no available seats, etc.), always refusing my attempt to get my rightful free transfer. In short, they are explicitly refusing to give me a seat on the flights, which are available to other paying costumers for very high prices.

    So, I send them a couple of e-mails asking for help, I get no reponse. I try to find a local customer support phone number but there is none! I try to call the central customer relations number (08712 88 22 36) many times, holding on for 15 minutes hoping to talk to a customer representative but nobody ever picks up this number.

    I cannot help but conclude that EASYJET has no grasp of the concept of customer services. I can understand that the service quality on their planes are lousy due to the low prices. However, the unacceptable service quality exceeds the flights and seems to be their 'company' motto for ripping people with the aim of maximum profit.

    If you buy an Easyjet ticket in the future, think twice. They can always cancel the flight at the last minute and then refuse to answer any calls or e-mails. I am a student and now I have to buy a new (and now 'last minute') ticket from another airline for loads and loads of money.

    This is ridiculous, this is shameful...

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  • Sw
      30th of Apr, 2012

    I was at Malaga Airport on Saturday Morning and and had a similar experience. We actually missed our flight and had to a pay a "rescue fee " of 60 Euros catch a later flight .The fact is that the system is inadequate for dealing with large numbers of people at peak times.

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