EasyHomeunethical behavior

On Jan 13th I called Easyhome to make payment arrangements due to be being off work for health reasons. I was told that I needed to return my merchandise immediately or I would go to Collections. On Jan 16th at my JOB 2 employees of Easy Home came in to "Speak" to me. Today...same thing. I informed them that it is against the Law to Harrass me at my job. I Refuse to be harassed at work. This is Harrassment!!! I have tried working with them to come up with a solution. But now I am fed up with the treatment I have been given by this company. They have also gone to my residence to pick up my things after the payment pnly being late for 2 days!! NOT RIGHT!!! I also know one of the employees as he used to be an employee of mine. So Slander is also an issue.

Jan 31, 2017

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