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South Africa Review updated:

I have bought all the Sims games. 2 months ago my computer crashed and I was forced to format it. Today it took me the whole day to re-install the discs, but the Hidden Spring Expansion Pack has to be downloaded using a redeem code. When I try to enter the code as it is in the Disc cover I lawfully bought, it gives me a message that the code has already been used. Come On EA... Im one of your fans, but theres nowhere where I can get help. Been googling this issue now for the past 3 hours with no success.

Help... This games is costing a fortune.

Apr 04, 2013
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  • Ci
      Jun 11, 2009
    EA - ruber knife glitches
    United States

    i had a bunch of ruber knifes with when i stab somone on bf2142 they dont die it humiliating and it hapenes to mutch and im tired and the editing like how people prone ontop a building with half body stiking out and dont fall and how the screen gows black while things explode its bs man FIX IT ALLL a aby could fix that stupid ruber knife bs

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  •   Apr 04, 2013

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  • Hj
      Jun 02, 2014

    Why hasn't EA Sorts done something about the Tri-Peaks game point problem, this is getting ridiculous.

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