Ea Games - Fifa 14 / serves and ai's

Chicago, IL, United States

EA has been ruining the game of FIFA, they would rather much make money than actually fix the errors in the game. Every game that i play online or offline, there is always something that goes wrong(impossible passes, balls not going where it is supposed to go). I think it its really funny to see that EA has not fixed the kick off glitch which allows many players to score a goal right off the bat and we cannot do anything about it. They focus everything on their ultimate team because that is where most of the money comes from and could care less about other game modes in the game. Every year, they promise to bring something "revolutionary" and come up with some bogus small ideas. I do hope they fix up their act because sooner or later FIFA can get another company that would satisfy ALL costumers on ALL games.

Jul 27, 2014

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