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Hi there. So, apparently on your EA hockey forums, you like to hire community managers that actually want you to be less polite and helpful.

There was a discussion happening where one of the community members was acting very aggressive and dismissing fellow forumers opinions. I could tell by the recent posts that things were heating up between the parties, and in a well-constructed manner, I wrote a detailed post about how we shouldn't be so quick to attack others in our community and that we should respect each other's experiences. Because of my post, I was issued a major warning for simply trying to keep the peace.

In my post, I referenced how this was a good topic and how we should keep the thread on track, yet I have given a MAJOR warning (that means no posting at all!) for 5 days! That's insane! Now all of the great discussions I was having with people will have to wait a whole business week because I had the audacity to KEEP THE PEACE on a thread!

I've noticed that in recent months, the EA hockey forums have gotten extremely toxic, and the community manager is a large part of the problem. There are mods and former mods on the site that are given special treatment.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Vancouver, WAThese posters can be rude, dismissive, combative, and nothing is done to them. meanwhile, the people they disrespect are getting banned and silenced at a higher rate than I've ever seen. The natural human reaction when being on the receiving end of hostile behavior is to retaliate, and these people are getting banned while the catalysts (the community manager's former mod buddies) are having a field day being insulting, rude, and condescending.
You have a serious issue on your hands, and the moderators and this community manager EA_Roger, are directly leading the decline of interest in the NHL series. People who are long-time forum users and buyers of the game are having fights picked with them, silenced, and inevitably banned due to the obvious lack of leadership, and almost criminal (because obviously it isn't) amount of favoritism shown by moderators and their inconsistient, and trigger-happy community manager.
That forum is an absolute cesspool of incompetency, arrogance, and aggression. it is an absolute terrible look for EA as a company, and especially the NHL series as a whole...and I think we all know that series is struggling as is. Well, you have a manager that is only contributing to the mass exodus from the NHL series.

Feb 14, 2018
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  • Ex
      Oct 12, 2018

    They really need to get rid of their entire forums team, they are all serious complete [censored]s and know not one damn thing about anything and only play favorites. I've numerous times reported users only to be silenced myself cause it's a moderators friend. It's easily noted who the moderators favorites are in each forum cause you can see easily they are the one with all the benefits and allowed to get away with anything in the forums.

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  • Ea
      Oct 16, 2019

    @Ex EA Employee October 2019, I had a similar experience with EA_Roger and an incompetent little snot named Socair. He didn't like the profanity in my post, but then removed some of my opinions as adverbs as well. Claiming it was "profanity" and issued me a ban without warning.

    Their moderators insight the anger against them and go trigger happy with abusing their power. EA should be ashamed to hire people like this. I won't be buying EA products anymore, and neither will my friend that got the game because of me.

    [censored] you Roger. It sounds like your ass is going to get canned

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