E Savings Club/acai BerryUnauthorized Charges to Credit Cards

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Okay. You ordered Acai Berry Pills online. You may still be receiving them, you may not, but whatever, your Credit Card continues to be charged $8.51USD a month for a "service" that you know nothing about. It should be called a disservice.

I only noticed this insidious little amount being applied to my credit card when it was the only item on the statement. It had been charged to me for a number of months, even though I had called the number provided with my first shipment of Acai Berry pills to cancel. I was peeved that this was a kind of subscription to Acai Berry pills, which wasn't made clear in the original ad.

As it turns out, you have also "agreed" (you know where you click on "I Have Read and Agree to Terms and Conditions", even though you haven't) to this monthly charge for some kind of service you will never have benefit of.

I called my bank, which is Scotiabank, with whom I've dealt for over 25 years. My hero today is Nick, their customer service rep., who went above and beyond for me. He called E Savings Club and we conferrenced. Apparently, there is another cancellation required. My first cancellation was just for the pills. I needed to also cancel my subscription to this "service".

Folks, we have got to be more careful. Get a PayPal account if you plan to purchase stuff online. That's an easy fix. People out there are brainstorming on how to get your money without much effort. Okay. I've read ten messages from ten different people, all being charged the equivalent of $10. a month C$. How many others? Big dollars are funneled into hands that haven't earned it. Let's foil them by being a little more careful in future.

Cancel the card you used for this transaction. Call your banking institution. If they're worth their salt at all, like mine (YAY NICK!), they can help you.

Mine got a refund for me (Again, YAY NICK - YOU'RE MY HERO). Not for all of it, but way better than a kick in the pants, let me tell you.

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  • Jd
      Aug 10, 2009

    Can someone please give me a contact number for e savings club so i can start to follow up on my credit card charges.

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  • Lu
      Aug 11, 2009

    I too need a number to cancel this. I have been able to get some (not all) of the charges back however my bank will only cancel the subcription once i do with with E-Savings Club and i have no idea how to go about it!

    I have tried to cancel the credit card but the bank tells me this is pointless as the charges will be added to my new credit card if i chose to get one. Please help as am at a lost.

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