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I go into this dunkin donuts almost every morning to get myself and my husband a coffee. And most of these morning, there are three girls that I can see and hear talking so badly about all the customers, including myself sometimes, using profanity and extremley hurtful words that I dont even care to mention. I have taken the time to read there name tags (thank god they are required to do so) and there names are terry, ashley, and tara. These girls should not be working in a restaurant buisness where customers are the number one priority. If I were a part of the corporate team, I would do the right thing by firing them immediatly. Terry and Tara almost always make a huge deal about my bagels or sandwiches being cut into half, of putting cream cheese on my bagel. This restaurant will no longer be my coffee stop in the morning. Those horrible girls need to go!

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  • Da
      Dec 16, 2010

    Cutting bagels in half is kind of a pain. The cream cheese gets everywhere and we have to use a dull rounded spatula (which is meant for spreading frosting/cream cheese) or use a plastic knife to cut with, because we don't have actual knives. So adding that on to an order along with the constant pressure of preparing sandwiches quickly to both drive-thru and the front counter can become stressful.

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