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Duke Energy / no show to start service

1 United States
Contact information:
Phone: (800) 544-6900

On Nov.3rd I called Duke Energy to start gas heat service. I even paid the $170 deposit that day, ahead of time. They are quick to take my $$ but not start service yesterday between 8-4 as promised. They should waive my deposit.
I called several times yesterday & today and all they do is "apologize" claiming they're behind on orders & on the way. They said they'd be here by 2 and now it's after 6 P.M. It's 46 degrees now and will be lower tonight.
They have all year to anticipate consumer demand and should be prepared accordingly.
At least have the courtesy to call us or have an automated call inform us of the delay. I shouldn't have to call to keep getting the run-around.
There is a lack of communication between customer service and the dispatch center. They claim they called me twice(lie)I was home all day & my caller i.d. proves they did not. They claimed they came by last night but the outdoor box was locked. We told them we have the key, to call us or knock on our door.
They claim fixing dangerous gas leaks takes precedence over starting service. What if there was a blizzard and my 2 yr old son dies of hypothermia? That is death on their hands either way and Duke Energy would be to blame.
I have SSDI disability & my husband's on unemployment. I don't have $$ for a motel as a Duke Energy "customer service" rep so unprofessionally suggested. Are they going to foot the bill & transportation? Or re-imburse Medicaid the hospital bill if my 2 yr old boy falls ill due to very cold weather??
Another rep claimed that none of the techs carry cell phones w/ them, that they have a computer screen in their truck. Did they ever relay a msg. to the tech inquiring about the status (time) of our order? They claim they're not that advanced. Well, let's see how advanced their communication is when they are sued for (possible) wrongful death.
I did my part to prevent this possible tragedy in starting service and they are not living up to their end of the bargain, greedy, callous, inefficient, unknowledgeable Duke Energy.

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