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DriveTime / worst experience ever

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At the age of 20 I decided to purchase a car something in my name to build my credit. I bought a 2003 Honda Element. I figured it was my best option based on my credit and not having anyone to co-sign for me. Tonight, AFTER 3 years of working my ### of to make my $400.00/month payments, (200-bi-weekly payments) I take a look at my credit report because i'm trying to clear-up the small medical debt I have and realize that Drivetime has been reporting me negatively for the past few months. Around November 08' I applied and got approved to defer my loan (4 payments) they approved to push the defered payments to the back end of my loan and PROMISED that the account would remain in good standing. Since, I have made every payment on time. Now my credit report reflects me having a 16, 000 debt with them?... My loan will be satisfied late 2010. I'm a little confused on how to resolve this considering that I can seem to get any of the drivetime employees to assist me at the corp. office. I also looked at who has been looking at my credit report and they have viewed my credit more than five times over the past 2 years. Just because I have financed a vehicle with them does that give them authorization to do so? Please send me an email if you can help.

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  • Lu
      20th of Oct, 2009
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    Thanks all for your comments I was about to go to that place and get a car but now I know the truth. I really appreciate your comments.

  • Pn
      27th of May, 2010
    -1 Votes

    You are all dumb! Pay attention to your contracts before you stick your foot in your mouth. 90% of these complaints start off with "when I didn't make my payment..." Well make your [censor]ing payments! Because you're late on a car payment you automatically think the company who sold you the car is evil? If you bought a vehicle at any other dealership, the would send all your info to the bank, one of the 15 banks that hit your credit and knocked down your score, so if anything pertaining to payments is an issue, then handle it with a bank. The dealership can't help, they sell cars...they don't fix cars or deal with your past due debts. DT customers that make their payments on time and take care of their vehicles are very happy. I would know, I work there as a sales associate. We have 36mo/36, 000mile warranties and we sell good products. The liars who said they bought a vehicle from DT that was owned by a little old lady in sarasota are stupid. We buy vehicles at fleet/rental/leased vehicle auctions, not vehicles that were privately owned that we have no maintenance records on. Quit lying and trying to make a company look bad just because you're an illiterate, ignorant, incompitent piece of [censor] who doesn't take are of your vehicle or financial responsibilities. I may seem harsh, but my point is simple. Don't believe all the bad [censor] you hear. People are liars and they tend to pin blame on others when they catch themselves in a negative situation when they know they are wrong. Hahaha. All of your guys' complaints are just [censor]ed. Take personal accountability for your own actions! My god you idiots, stupidity is dangerous, and as it appears, contageous with you all. If you believe these [censor]s, feel free to purchase at a different dealership. Just keep in mind, when you are shopping, the significance of a warranty and vehicle history report. I must sound like a major douche, but since I work for DT and I know exactly how things are there. I believe we are putting customers into a solid reliable vehicle and backing these products up with many benefits. I failed to mention that if you do discover items wrong with your vehicle that are not detailed on your experian history report, experian actually purchases the vehicle back as stated in the experian buyback protection guarantee. Thank you all for listening to my abrasive comment and I apoligize for any foul language if it offended you. The rest of you can sit on it and rotate...[censor]es! Ha

  • Je
      2nd of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I agree. Why would a current and such highly dedicated staff member be on a complaint forum for the company he supposedly represents. SELLING HIS SOUL?? The customer service is pleasent upon purchasing yet altered therafter. "We're only here to help, " they say. HA. I personaly witnessed them charge triple the kelly book value at 24%. Its an outrage and from what I can observe is highway robbery. Home mortage crisis for the automobile industry (in a nutshell). Just one of the many contributing situations of our CURRENT recession. My opinion: The evil enitity of Drivetime & "the approval guy" should NO LONGER EXIST due to the simplicity of basic morals alone. Its also clearly obvious they're employees are brain washed at orientation...

  • Sg
      11th of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes


    DriveTime serves a purpose, correct? Yes, DriveTime provides vehicles and financing for people that are unable to do so anywhere else. These customers have every right to be annoyed, but they seem to be forgetting that someone took a chance and financed them. Bad credit + low income = few options.

    DriveTime is the perfect example of a risk/reward relationship.
    RISK: Financing people with terrible credit.
    REWARD: High interest rates, high montly payments, and high selling prices.

    (Sidebar, you can sell a car for as much as you want. The job of the salesman is to sell for as much as possible. The job of the customer is to buy as cheap as possible. THE JOB OF THE CUSTOMER GOES AWAY WHEN TERRIBLE CREDIT ENTERS THE EQUATION!!!

    In closing, I would advise these customers to buy a bike. Riding a bicycle will save you money, help you lose weight, and reduce your carbon footprint. I don't have the patientce to argue over these "rats" anymore.

    P.S. "rats is what car people call customers with [censor] credit. Pretty funny, huh?

  • Az
      14th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am not here to comment, just to inform you all and give you my opinion as a DT Customer...
    Most of these complaints are probably 50% valid and in some way, some how, the customer has experienced a bad situation with DT Credit Corp or the Dealership for that matter; regardless if it was a financial difficulty or a matter concerning car trouble, but what I do know as a current customer of DT, is that no customer should have to read the horrifying comment from one of DT's employees and have to put up with how this employee refers to the customers; afterall we are why this employee has a job and if it weren't for us who pay for these vehicles and deal with DT Corp then this guy or gal would not currently be working for them, so my advise to DT, is get rid of this person. He or She has proven himself/herself to be completely unprofessional both to the Dealership he represents and moreover to his customers who put food on his table and pay his bills! So now let's see who has the better laugh;-)
    In regards to the vehicles, yes they are not the best... I am currently experiencing some trouble with mine which I just purchased in December and suppossedly DT conducts an entire overhaul of the engine...ummmm makes you wonder... the water pump just went out on it, car over heated & shut down the ac; while at the repair shop, they noticed that the car was leaking transmission oil from the coolant line and pan; DT Corp says it's not covered under warranty and it costs over 400 dollars just to fix those two things, but what they do say is that "if the transmission was to entirely go bad, then they would fix the interior components of the tranny, but no the exterior"... Now, I wonder if it's left like that and messes up worse as a result of the minor leak from the coolant line, are they going to say later that the transmission is not covered due to the mechanical repairs not being done; though how can any customer afford to pay those type of repairs considering that the vehicle was purchased in December (it's suppossed to be in good condition with the whole overhaul they did) plus the customer is unfortunately paying extremely high dollars per month to have and maintain this vehicle due to having to purchase it at DT as a result of unforseen poor credit situations which resulted from divorce. Yes, in my opinion DT is not very reliable for their customers, very hard to get a hold of in a tough vehicle breakdown situation as what happened to me, interest rates is outrageous, and the warranty is a joke considering my car has a major repair needed and it recently came off their car lot. Had I known this before, and would have not been in a tough situation, I would have gone to someone else instead. As for the vehicle car fax report...I think it's insane, my car is chipping everywhere on the drivers side and looks as though it's been in a wreck, (painted all underneath, refurbished areas, chipping paint, (hmm; that all doesn't seem right) but they said the report came back negative for any accidents...I have yet to confirm that; I do believe the car was wrecked, it may have not been salvaged or put on the title, but definately the car was crashed and unfortunately I did not catch that when I purchased it from DT, so now I am stuck with it until I can verify the VIN and find out about this major mechanical repair... other then that, the car does run like a champ and is very comfortable on long trips and everywhere. As for the payment options, I'm glad I read the comments here because that was just offered to me due to my current tough situation, but I don't think I will be accepting the offer if they are going to hinder my credit report as they did to the other custormer who reported it; not good customer service at all and it doesn't benefit the customer in any way, it just places them in more of a hardship:(
    Good luck all of you, think twice before you buy from them...
    check out the car in broad day light, test drive it and look for paint underneath, take the VIN home before you buy it and run it on
    Once you can fix your credit, refinance the car; DT rates are overly priced and high high interest (it's a rip off)
    **and if you really must purchase a car from DT like I had too, don't put up with sales people who are as----oles (like the one from DT who posted previously on this site); you're a customer and afterall they have a job Thanks to you, so they should be Thankful to you for paying their car note, their bills & putting food on their table!!!

  • Sg
      14th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Since you don't have the $30-$50 to pull your CARFAX, pretend you want to trade it in. Basically, go to a dealership and ask what it's worth. They will pull the CARFAX and hurt your feeling for free. Don't be surprised when you noticed that your vehicle has had more than five owners in three years. I've purchased these junkers for another ez-credit type dealer. None, let me repeat myself, none of these vehicles are in good shape. 1% of the vehicles at DriveTime will be foreign. American cars are cheap to buy, service, and replace parts. Foreign cars are the complete opposite.

    As far as you financing a vehicle with a salvage title, that's a possibility. I've never met a responsibile buyer that would buy a salvage vehicle. But let's be honest, DriveTime doesn't have the best track record. If it has a salvage title, check your state laws and go from there.

    Good luck!
    P.S All cars will aventually need substantial service performed on them. This is common knowledge for any car buyer. The higher the miles, the greater risk of more repairs. DriveTime is not responsible for fixing all the problems after a certain point. Dealing with car repairs, salesman, interest rates, etc... will always be aggravating. Step back and think how employees of the car industry feel after reading your comments. Remember, every story has two sides.

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