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DriveTime Automotive Group / predatory lending

1 Glendale, AZ, United States

Full Name: Stephanie R Freeman
Street Address: 12363 W Cocopah St
City: Avondale
State: AZ
Zip Code: 85323
Best Number to Call During Day: [protected]
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Name: Drive Time
Street Address:
Zip Code:
E-mail Address:
Website Address:
May we send a copy of this to the person or business you are complaining against? Yes Please explain the entire circumstances surrounding your complaint below:
am writing in regards to owning this lemon of a vehicle for 2 years and 2 months now. I have been paying way over market value and I was promised to be considered for the CHAMP program after 2 years and satisfaction payments made to my account. Well I went in to talk to the office on Saturday 10/3/20105 and was told by the receptionist at the Camelback location that I would have to pay the vehicle down to $5000 to be able to participate. I am current at a payoff amount of $16, 446.75 for a 2005 BMW 325i and this is worth $4000 in Good condition. I am paying over $450.00 a month for this used car. Having numerous issues with the repairs and I have a list of items I have had to fight for since I owned the car. Poor customer service to add on to the dissatisfaction and lurk/bait and lye sales tactics. I have spoken to numerous managers from the beginning, Josh, Marco and the regional office. I have now spoken to someone because I went months trying to get a bill date change and it took me 2 or 3 months to get this rectified. However I want to return the car and this payment reduced to the market value and whipped off of my financial obligations. There were too many promises made that have not been fulfilled and I am being charge 400% of what the car is worth. This is ridiculous. I am not happy with my purchase and the way I have been treated and I am not making any leeway of ever getting the balance down. This is a scam to get people to purchase a car and I needed reliable transportation. I have a list of recent bills and also previous emails that I can print off and send to you that I have been trying for months and years to rectify this situation. Now its just overwhelming and exhausting. I felt so betrayed from Saturday until now.
Desired Resolution: Refund
Desired Outcome
I would like to voluntarily like to return this used car and my refund provided back on my payments and provided a letter of forgiveness of the over charge of the car I signed and the debt whipped clear of the purchasing charges. I want the resolution so that I can purchase a car out right instead of being changed this 400% for a used car that I will never get any repairs done because they refuse to pay for and poor service.

Have you complained to the firm/agency/business? Yes What was their response? I kept being referred to different managers or I was provided a number to like a manager named Frank in Texas that never answered his phone nor returned my phone messages I left his number is [protected] and I have spoken with a Alejandro Macias, Joshua Maenza, Marko vlaicevic to name a few that I have reached out since I purchased this car.
Was an oral or written warranty given? Yes Did you sign any documents? Yes Date of Transaction: Fri, 08/30/2013 Place of Transaction: Glendale Location Total Amount of Damages: over $2500 of repairs and the car cost $3900 Salesperson's Name: Craig Orta Witness to Transaction:
Was the product or service advertised? : Yes If yes, indicate the date and how it was advertised: it was on the website back on 8/2013 Do you have an attorney? No If yes, please provide the attorney's name and address:
Is any legal action pending? : No
List any other consumer agencies contacted:
May we provide your name and telephone number to the media in the event of an inquiry about this matter? : Yes May we send a copy of your complaint to another government agency for their review or investigation? : Yes Additional Comments: I have additional documentation to fax in so please provide a toll free number or a local fax number for me to submit. Thanks for your time and attention to this matter.
Your Age: Under the age of 60
Military/Veteran Status:
How did you hear about our complaint form (please choose only one): Another Arizona State Agency/State Legislator Declaration 2: Stephanie R Freeman
Date: 10/5/2015

Yes this was mine that I had forwarded to you to have you use as a guide to file a complaint. But at least you had it.

Stephanie Freeman
Independent Consultant [protected]

Oct 31, 2018

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