Drive Time / broke down car

NC, United States

I bought a 2008 HHR LS from Drive Time. Back in Feb. 20011. Had it 6 months .Have electrical issues. All started with my relay switches. Bought a relay switch and it has shorted out. Now I have other relays that have went bad. My lights work when they want . There warranty don't cover the relays. Horn has stopped working. Brakes are sounding horrible.
My HHR has almot cut off when I'm driving.. Got stuck because my car wouldn't crank. When driving sometimes it wants to cut off. Have discovered my power windows are going. Everything thats wrong is not covered by there warranty. Called drive time they won't even trade it. Do yourself a favor .Don't go near drive time. You have a better chance going to a buy here pay here lot. I have decide to send the car back . Bad thing about theses cars . Parts are expensive for this vehicle. Will never buy a car from them again. They sell crap. Done research on these Vehicles and there are lots of problems with this vehicle.
Went to a dealership to see if I could trade it. Found out I'm 10, 000 negative. Still owe 15, 400 . Can't even trade it. Hope this helps somebody.

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