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charlton, United Kingdom
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I bought the mattress from dreams in charlton, woolwich rd, on the basis on the 2nd of jan, (My order no. Is 295a0100) that it would be delivered on the 7th, and it was confirmed by phone, I waited in all day saturday, but it never arrived. I paid £449 in cash in store.

I wanted a full refund but was told the company take 20%, I rang to see where my delivery was and was told I have to wait a month. Under these circumstances, surely I am allowed a full refund or a delivery date much sooner as it was an error made by the man in store, I would never have bought it if there would be a delay of delivery.
I am struggling to sleep on the sofa and felt guilty for paying all that money but it would have helped ease that, if I had actually received it. I hope you can help.

Jan 9, 2017

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