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Dreams / this company should not trade!

1 United Kingdom Review updated:

I ordered a headboard which failed to turn up in 4 weeks as indicated on the invoice (It did turn up on the 30th day with the wrong size though). The branch sales people were most unhelpful. When asked for a refund, they said that I had to phone up the Customer Service Dept. After waiting for over 20 mins on a 0870 number, the customer adviser simply asked me to confirm the cancellation in writing and they would only refund if the goods don't turn up in the next 14 days. This must be my worst customer experience with a public company!!

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  • Cl
      24th of Aug, 2008
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    I agree with your opinion.

    My partner purchased a bed last week. It was faulty and would not assemble. Having rung cutomer services we were told they would call the next day to arrange re-delivery of the faulty part within 5 days. It did not happen. My partner has rung several times and can not get through or is hung up on. It has now distrupted our whole week and now bank holiday weekend as we are having to travel to the store it was bought in to make a face to face complaint.

    To add to this, since writing the above and posting it already, today we visited the store, and spoke to the manager who imformed us that they are not allowed to contact customer services, and would receive a fine for doing so. He spent a long period of time complaining to US about how his hands are tied and how we ought to have rang the store directly withint 24 hours, he then handed us off to a less important store assitant, who kept telling us we should ring customer services continually, despite our disputes that they hang up on us.

    I warn any one buying a bed their to think hard about it. To summerise, they are admitting to the fault but doing nothing about it, as they say we need to ring customer services, who ignore us. Apparently the fault is registered on the customer service computer program, but beyond that we can't get anything done about it. We only bought the bed becuase they promised delivery on the day of moving in at short notice, but now we are having to sacrifice our weekends sorting this out, and the rest of teh bedroom funature can't be assembled until the bed is, due to space restrictions. This issue has caused us alot of stress and dominoe effect problems and we shall never shop at Dreams again.

    If the issue does not get resolved this week I shall be contacting trading standards.

  • Cl
      24th of Aug, 2008
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    In addition...I personally think 'Nightmare Beds' would be a much better store name!

  • Wi
      17th of Sep, 2008
    -1 Votes

    We purchased a bed from Dreams Merry Hill branch along with a headboard.

    The bed arrived whilst we was on holiday, we paid for the delux delivery and for the removal of the old bed.

    They took away the bed but not the old head board. They delivered the new Bed minus the New Head board, weeks later we are still tryin to get this head board that was paid for at a cost of £89.00. The total order being £544.00. All their customer services say is they will investigate. weeks on still the same story. The shop where the puchase was made say they only sell the goods and don'r deal with problems.

    For a big company they should try and go back to basics and remember that they reply on us the customer, the versmae people they are treating so badly and by various web sites many others as well.

    What a CRAP company

  • Fr
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    The company are quick to take your money! keep you on the phone for hours and then do not refund the correct amount. Customer sevice have no idia what sevice is!!! please think twice... even if you call the warhouse to see if is in stock you may find you are waiting for six week... on top of that they will play you off against the store manager he said she said... say you are comited to somthing even though you have not seen the paper work the store has sent off.
    The shops will tell you they can not call there head office!!! please they must think we are thick... my advice to you is dont even go there.

  • Gi
      10th of Aug, 2018
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    @Francesca Couldn’t agree more 😡

  • Em
      29th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Comment from Francesca-The shops will tell you they can not call there head office!!! please they must think we are thick... my advice to you is dont even go there.

    As an ex employee of Dreams Head Office (my decision not theirs) this is true, the stores are not allowed to call customer services on behalf of a customer and the store will be fined! this is supposed to stop the stores flooding the line and preventing customers from getting through.I agree that it is a ridiculous rule as most people myself included would get very irrate to have to call a premium rate number and wait 30 minutes for the call to be answered. The bottom line is there is not enough staff to answer the volume of calls recieved every day, yes the sales staff will omit to tell you things so they get the sale as the pressure from the area managers etc is immense to reach target, and the reason the store are not allowed to deal with a complaint( as instructed by the powers that be in Head Office) is because it takes sales staff away from the sales floor!! Iwould not buy from them and I tell everyone I meet to steer clear!!

  • Gi
      10th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    @emma So wish I’d read this before going anywhere near this company

  • Je
      1st of May, 2009
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    Why do they spend SO much on advertising when they never follow up on calls? I phoned them two weeks ago, in the morning. There was no-one to take the call. I left a message on their answerphone with my telephone number asking them to phone me. Now, two weeks later, NOTHING! No response from them. I have ordered a new mattress from another company, of course. If they cannot return customers' calls then that message should be on their answerphone. Very, very bad customer relations.

  • Ja
      13th of May, 2009
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    Dreams - bed
    Scotland, Tayside
    United Kingdom

    dreams more like nightmares this company is a disgrace.orderd new bed frame on the 8th jan 09 told it would take about 3 wks for delivery as it was a new line of bed .3 wks came no call about delivery .i phoned myself got told there was a delay was expecting my bed in another 2 wks .still no sign phoned again got told the beginning of march .still no sign of bed i was doing all the chasing finally got all date for bed 23rd of april. dreams phoned night before delivery to tell bed was not coming as it had been damaged in shipment but was informed all beds where made in britian .by this time was getting f off got letter informing me not to worry if bed did not have same name on it cause they had to source it from another supplier but not to worry cause i was actually recieving a better finish and better quality of bed but its the same bed just a different name are they really thick or what .well anyway finally got bed on 12 may to top it all of got wrong slats customer services totally shocking tould me i would have to pay £30 for other slats and £30 delivery why this is there fault .ask to speak to a manager got tould no .phoned shop there were totally useless wasted 30 min on there customers service line that costs a bomb stll got no where this company i s disgracful so be warned do not go to dreams as you will end up with one big nightmare ahhh.

  • Ly
      25th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I spent over £1800 on an ottoman bed and mattress. When it was delivered, there were no piston brackets so I rang the customer service department who apologised and said they would be ordered and sent ou within 48 hours! This meant me sleeping downstairs on the floor. 6 days later 2 pistons arrived without the brackets so the bed was still unuseable. They then arranged delivery for 3 days later but again, the wrong part was sent. I went to the shop to complain and they sent another delivery that afternoon with a lovely young man who had the foresight to bring a whole bed to make sure I got the corect item. Whilst we finished assembling the bed, I noticed that one of the slats was coming away from the bed frame but by this point, all I wanted to do was to sleep in a bed after 9 nights on the floor! The final straw was when I tried to raise the bed to put spare bedding in the base. It was so heavy, I couldn't lift it and once it was raised, the supports wouldn't hold it up! I will be contacting them today for a refund!

  • Bi
      4th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Dreams are rip offs who only care about getting their hands on you money!!! than they have no interest whatsoever.I spent over one thousand pounds on a bed which was ment to be deliverd in five days...its now one month and still no i went into shop and demanded a refunded, to be told my bed is not even in the country by the wharehouse chap...and wont be untill another months son who is disabled has been crying as everytime they say its coming and it doesnt its very upsetting...iam sleeping on sofa while he has my bed...i have four discs in my back damaged and sleeping on the sofa makes it worse...Dreams should not be allowed to trade and they should be heavily fined for the service the not providing...i have never experienced anything so upsetting ...Never again will i shop at Dreams

  • Pi
      18th of Oct, 2009
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    I have just recently purchased £1, 500 worth in Dreams Wrexham. I am not happy however with the staff (one member to be really honest) who called me stupid as I didn't want to take credit to buy the bed. She proceeded to inform me I was boring, and when I simply explained i dont like credit (especially in todays climate) I preferred to save up, she stared at me like I had grown 2 heads. The bed/matress/headboard did arrive within 2 weeks, and delivered by two seemingly friendly men, but I guess as they chose to deliver on a saturday, they rushed...alot...and instead of taking the time to turn the matress lengthways to take it up the stairs, they squashed it down and tugged it till it moved took a large amount of plaster off the ceiling above the stairs. There was no appology, they simply turned round and walked out the door. On the plus side, they said delivery was in 2 to 4 weeks, ans it took 2 weeks, the bed/matress.headboard I am thrilled with, but the staff lack severly.

  • Ms
      10th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    poor service and no response to customers complaint. ordered in Nov 2009 and its february and still awating order to complete. No follow up. I am the one who chasing the matter the dreams are not bothered they got their monies!!!

  • No
      3rd of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    THIS COMPANY IS A FARCE!!! I ordered a bed from Dreams in Rochdale at the begining of January. Due to problems with different companies in the past about deliveries I informed the company that I would like to collect the bed. I was informed the bed would be ready for collection mid January (the exact date i cannot recall). In mid Jan I called the store to ask if the bed was ready for me to collect it. I was told the bed was not here and they advised I contact customer services to which I did. I was informed by them that it would be ready the begining of Feb. To cut a very very long story short it is now the 3rd March and I have still not been able to collect the bed as there "are problems with the avaliablity of the bed" dont I know it! Not to my suprise they are still advertising the bed online!!! After various dates that the bed would be ready, some of which promise, I still have no bed! In total I have been given 8 different dates! I have spoken to a Manager who told me I could upgrade to a different bed but i would have to pay the difference! but that i would recieve £15 of "goodwill gestures" I decided to do this as I was in real need of the bed. Low and behold the bed I wanted to upgrade to is OUT OF STOCK! After all this, me listening to and believing the company about the different dates it would be ready, i have been given the option to continue to wait for the bed (the new date is 28th March) or recieve a refund. I am furious with this company and advise anyone thinking of going to dreams not to bother uless you are happy to have a long wait, make many very expensive phone calls and be lied to over and over again! This company should not be allowed to trade! Leading bed specialists my a***!

  • Da
      20th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Yes Dream beds are anything but dreams, they are a nightmare. Lesson 1 do not buy anything unless you can take it away yourself.
    2 Customer service comes way down the list after they have taken your money

  • Hc
      31st of Dec, 2011
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    I saw an advert that said they would delivery next day. As I needed a bed fast I went to a store near me and chose a bed. After my payment was processed I was advised that the bed could not be delivered until 21 days. I very reluctantly accepted this as the payment had been processed by card and I know that would take 14 days to reverse. 10 days later I received a call 'to arrange a delivery date'. I advised that I already had one, only to be updated that it would be a further 10 days before the delivery could be made. My response was it they could not deliver on the date agreed when I purchased it then I would like to cancel my order. Their response was quick and curt., although she couldn't cancel the order. I can see no reason why not. I then called the store I bought the bed from and was advised I could not cancel there either and my only option to cancel was to call head office. I called head office and got stuck on an automatic response system. As that failed, I called the store back to be advised head office was closed. I then said if I could not cancel via the store over the phone, I would make one more attempt to cancel via head office in two days time, the next working day and if that did not work I would contact Trading standards. I fully expect that is what is going to happen in two days time.

  • Ma
      24th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hi all,

    Before Xmas I bought a tempur mattress from Dreams in Knightsbridge.
    The mattress cost me £1709 which is a ridiculous amount of money.
    As a gisft for my trade the manager of the store gave me 2 tempur pillows to take with me. The delivery was booked for the 9th of January.
    I was given the receipt which indicated that the mattress was priced at 1539 and the pillows 170. I didn't think anything at the time and I thought that that was the only way for them to give me the pillows for 'free'.
    While on holidays I called Dreams customer services up and amended my order to a bigger size. The agent confirmed that the difference was 200 and i was asked to go to the store and pay the extra.
    To cut a very long story short the delivery was cancelled and not amended and as they could not give me a new estimated delivery and as I was sleeping on the floor (new flat) I decided I could not wait till doom's day and after many frustrating conversations with Dreams I demanded a refund. I spoke to Head Office and the person told me that they could not refund me with the whole amount but only with the mattress price (pillows are now used). I told them that if they want to charge me for something they gave me for free they can go ahead.
    The lady laughed and said that she would refund me with the whole amount.
    Needless to say that I got a refund for the mattress only.
    I found their service utterly ridiculous and frustrating and as a matter of principle I believe I should have been refunded with the whole amount.
    Can anyone advice?

    Thank you and sorry for the essay

  • Se
      27th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I am disabled and ordered a bed from dreams October 2nd 2011 it is now 27th January 2012 and I am still waiting! I have now threatened legal action to recover my costs. You wait almost half an hour on hold at YOUR expense then are told they will ring you back, which they never do!
    Very bad company to deal with. At least Dick Turpin had a gun and wore a mask!

  • Ge
      7th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Truly awful company!!! I am amazed they are still trading!!! My mum who is elderly and disabled bought bed, mattress and bedroom furniture from them where they promised much and delivered little...literally. Can't ever get through to customer services on their chargeable 0844 number and the branch staff once they have processed the payment suddenly become singularly unhelpful and won't deal with cancellations or refund and just refer you to customer services. Yes the SAME customer services that don't answer the flippin phone!!! Have written to head office and if they don't refund deposit will be taking it to trading standards.

  • Pl
      17th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes
    Dreams - Promised but never recieved
    England, Yorkshire
    United Kingdom

    Order & paid for a memory foam mattress over £1000 on 11/12/11 to be delivered on 22/11/11 they rang up to arrange delivery then 10 minutes later rang back to cancel out off stock, after many phone calls which (cost over £6) through January into February we demanded our money back which we got on 15/02/12 minus £19 for a teddy bear they gave when buying the mattress.
    When phoning up if you get an answer we got told its on its way they will ring to arrange delivery they did not they never comunicated any information to us .So I would not recommend this company to any one, we incurred phone charges & cost of a Gift plus they had our money for two months interest free.

  • Sa
      17th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    I wish I had read the comments on this site before I purchased my bed from Dreams. I have now had two faulty beds delivered from Dreams. When the first one arrived faulty I had to ring their unhelpful customer services, who take an average of 25 minutes to answer a call, to ask for a replacement bed. I then had to wait 3 weeks for a replacement bed to be delivered, which was also faulty and had the storage facility of it missing. I have sent this back and have been told that they will forward my details onto another company to authorise the refund, apparently this will take over a week before they will contact me and then from there it will take another 8-10 working days for the refund to be processed. At this moment in time I have very little faith that I will get my money back. I am at a loss as to what to do now as their customer service department is useless and that's if you can even get through to them and the store I bought it from won't help. I can't buy another bed until I get the money back for this one, so currently I have no bed and am becoming more and more stress with the situation. Also the guy that put my bed together was useless, we found screws on the floor under the bed which had either fallen out or he just hadn't bothered screwing the bed together. Every section of dreams is incompetent.

  • Dr
      20th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hi Saund, do you have an order number please so that I can look into this matter for you? Thanks

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