Doubledown Casino Poker / they are ripping me off

15941 Durand ave. lot63c, union grove, United States
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Phone: 262-878-4139

I have been playing poker at double down for a few years now and the the couple of weeks when I have had a good hand and truly should of won the game doesn't know how to count cards. example I just was dealt 3 queens and a six and it registered 2 queens and I stayed in like all the other times had a good hand and a queen came up on the board which then I had 4 wueens and lost to a straight because they can't count cards. this has happened to me not once or twice a day for many weeks and I have complained about and it still is not fixed. I am so tired of playing and betting and losing when I was truly the winner. they have to be stopped. please help me.

May 23, 2015

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