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DoubleDown Casino complaints 196

DoubleDown Casino - Slow games

I have issues continusioly with how slow the spins are...non stop with some games, not all. I know that it has nothing to do with my internet service nor anything but your site as I play other games and do not have this issue. Can something be done as this is annoying and makes you not want to play any longer let alone purchase anything. Thank you.

On my tablet double-down is so slow it is unbelievable!

DoubleDown Casino - slot game play

OMG. The slots were just a matter of hitting the spin button and that's pretty much the game play. NO feature wins at all. Only ONE scatter win which paid 192k despite my playing 300k a go and not a win went past my initial bet..At one point I had spent over 8M chips befire finally getting a 16k return. Too many consecutive non wins, then the occasional VERY low win and Within a matter what say 8 minutes my 70M was gone and it was buy more advice people-never buy from DDC or indeed play DDC as it's just not what they claim it to be. Looks nice, gameplay is smooth and without problems, but the actual play is rigged to the core.

DoubleDown Casino - Double hack and scam down casino

It really does not matter how many legitimate complaints are made about this more than crooked site because nothing is ever done about it and i mean nothing! they are the biggest scammers and hacker...

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DoubleDown Casino - Scammed by double-down casino when purchasing chips

On 10/6/21 at 1.39am, I wanted to purchase 300, 000, 000 chips for US$99 (A$129.68), when I clicked on the purchase, I only received 100.000.000. At 1.47am I contacted Support and explained what had...

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DoubleDown Casino - Doubledown casino

I made an honest feedback comment on the DDC site and suddenly found myself blocked from typing again. I was not rude. I just told about my gameplay. Not only that, but my gameplay nose dived after tha to 1 win in 15 and a total of 44k returns on every 2M I bet in a session for. I got 20 win spins and it paid nothing, the feature wins paid less than my actual bet and the daily spin values never exceed 85k. This has continued every day for over a week now. One thing I did discover is that almost all of those commentors on the DDC page are fake accounts or DDC staff or maybe even bots. Oh well. No more DDC for me :)

I assure you I am not a fake player but you can rest assured that Double HackDown Casino has alot of fakes. These low life crooks create guest name after guest name and you can always tell because those guest accounts always win in the billions and billions yet no one else does! These crooks cannot even scam and hack well enough to not get caught, LMAO

Yep. I agree

DoubleDown Casino - Winning just doesn't happen on Doubledown anymore !!

Been playing your slots for 7 years now and now the slots dont pay squat. If a real casino operated like this no one would play there. Loosen up the slots a little so a player can actually have some fun and maybe win once in a while. Its not real money so maybe fun is more important. I guess your fake chips are very important to you all. I hope you actually take this in to consideration as my wife and i play everyday, but its getting frustrating not seeing anything pay after 2 weeks.

Biggest scammers and hackers online. Proven yet nothing is ever done about it. They continue to lie, cheat, and steal from innocent people.

DoubleDown Casino - My iPad works perfectly. Doubledown seems to deliberately stall whenever I have a chance to actually win something.

Rarely can I play a high limit game. I tried today and after three 9mil spins got a chance at a bonus. Wow! And the, predictably the game stalled and would not allow me to continue. My iPad worked perfectly and all other game sites were perfect as well. So disappointing and absolutely not the first time I have lost out on your site!
I like your games but am just plain disgusted with your site.
Facebook: [protected]

DoubleDown Casino - Games running slow... Not receiving all my free games

I am getting to the point where I am so done with Double Down Casino. All it does is eat the money that I have, trying to force me into buying to continue to play, some games run so slow that it is totally annoying and not work playing yet it affects my daily crap that I try to get done to get extra money. The daily thing is not worth the money you have to spend can't even get anything, even on the grand wheel; I end up getting 850, 000... Whoopee... I only spent Millions. I am getting ready to move on to a different online casino game that perhaps gives you more and doesn't run so damn slow. Have a good day, just wanted to are my frustration!

DoubleDown Casino - Lost multiple millions of credits when asked to sign in with FaceBook

I had registered as a guest via my email and have played double down casino for several months building up over 128, 000, 000 credits when all of a sudden it asked me to sign in via my FaceBook account and I lost all credits except for 1000!!! It happened on March 29th at 8:30 p.m. Pacific time. My account is under [protected] and transferred to my FaceBook account Susan Main. I worked to hard to collect these credits to lose them because I was lured into signing in with FB. Resolution would be to reissue the credits I had collected by the morning of 3/29/2021 before having it wiped away. I will not play on this app again.

Desired outcome: Return credits to my account

DoubleDown Casino - The greedy slot software

Let's talk about the greedy and cheating software slots. Let's face it the software was made for DoubleDown Incorporated to profit not people to enjoy the chips they have. You're not going to let the players win big cause if they do then they won't buy chips. I live in Vegas and real slots don't spin 20-30 times in a row and not pay out 1 dime back. This is constant almost non stop! Finally after 20 spins you hit a pay out but it's the smallest possible win you can get. Then right back to not winning 20-30 more spins. The software is designed purely for corporate double down to benefit! It's fixed and it's quite frankly wrong! DoubleDown prays upon the lack of ability from customers being able to stop playing when they lose. Profiting off of people's addictions while filling your wallets without a conscious. Well let's just say you better bring a lot of suntan lotion when you die! There's a special place for you!

Desired outcome: There won't be cause they could care less

DoubleDown Casino - Says play free but no way to unless but chips

DoubleDown Casino - you have just lost a very loyal customer. When I started playing your games many years ago it was fun. Not so anymore. Being someone who knows a bit about software programming, I know you have changed your site to be less about having fun and made it more now about making money at the expense of your players. As a small example of this, over the course of just a few days I spent over $500 for over 5, 000, 000, 000 chips, and within a short period of time, and making modest bets, I lost them all. Not once did I win at any of the games I played. The simple law of averages says I should have, but because of your cheating ways, I did not.

Your programmers have changed all the rules of all the games and continue to do so. The bonuses are changed so that you cannot get anywhere with them, the winnings are now so cheap that you cannot play for any length of time without having to buy more chips. All of the games are now cheats and thieves.
No more. And in fact I will be pursuing ways to make sure you do not do to anyone else what you have done to me. If it takes pursuing legal action as I have seen others have done in the recent past, so be it.

Desired outcome: Change the games back to how they played before and credit me the 5 billion chips I lost

DoubleDown Casino - steeling from cutomers

this site treats it like its a real casino where you win real money i have spent over embarrising to say over $3, 000 to just be entertained and not one time did i ever win a jackpot i have deposited over $500 $100 at a time back to back and never won nothing !!! come one its not like if i hit a jackpot i was depositing money in my bank account i get im at fault to continue playing but is it right for this company to get away with this$ its just plain steeling. and missleading to who plays it.

Desired outcome: shut this company down and make them pay back the people who has deposited money in there site

DoubleDown Casino - Double down casino

I have been playing double down casino for years, went to log on and i am getting this message - App Access Restricted: Future off-facebook activity for this app is off.
Do you know why ?
Tried to connect for over a week now, still the same message
It won't let me go into the app and re-install
I have tried everything possible to re-connect to the game

Desired outcome: to be re-connected to game

DoubleDown Casino - There's no more poker games

There's no more poker games. I used to play texas holdem poker and the game went away. I purchased tokens for this game and have no desire to play any other games. I want a refund for the tokens that I have, Thank you

Keith Carlton [protected]

Desired outcome: refund for the tokens

Update by Keith Carlton
Jan 09, 2021

The poker games no longer are available. I've paid for tokens and I can no longer play. I want to sell my tokens back. This is useless to me now. I used to play the poker games and are no longer. Someone should have sent a message about this. [email protected] Phone number is [protected]. I would appreciate some feedback on this issue.

DoubleDown Casino - Slot machines

Yesterday I wrote to you about the unsatisfactory way Pixies of the Forest was playing. I told you I had purchased 3 packages for $99.00 each totaling $300.00 dollars and 900, 000, 000 chips. For all of that, I only got 2 bonuses and my $300.00 ran out in a little over an hour and 30 minutes because I did not get any bonuses to keep the game going. Today I just purchased $100.00 dollars and 300, 000, 000 chips and did no get any bonuses and my chips were gone in 30 minutes. I have been playing this game for years and have never experienced anything this ridiculous. I realize that this is a win and loose game. But what is going on here is not that. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THESE GAMES??? THIS IS A SICK FORM OF STEALING PEOPLE'S MONEY. I request an answer and to be reimbursed for all of the chips I purchased from these 4 chip packages. EXTREMELY ANGRY AND DISSATISFIED CUTOMER

Desired outcome: Response and reimbursment

Yes, I've noticed this too, very few wins and not worth playing at this casino. Customer Service is shocking and it appears they are not trained at all. They should follow companies like Dyson, whose customer service people are fantastic and a bit to deal with.
I've recently put in a complaint ok n this Site, but I'm not expecting any action, because Double-down casino don't care about their clients obviously. They've lost me too and I've been a patron for many years. Good bye and good riddance Double Down, start listening to your clients or you'll eventually go down by with better casinos opening constantly and competition.

this has happened to me too! im embarassed to say a have spent more then $3, 000 on this site and its pure BS. they treat there site like it a real casino like were going to cash out and deposit back in our bank account i spent over $500 and lost within 2hours this is plain out right steeling!!! something needs to be done to shut this company down and refund the people they stole from

DoubleDown Casino - System malfunctions

The problem I am having playing the progressive poker games is that the system either prematurely signs in out or does not recognize my winning hand. I am constantly folded out of the hand although I have a large bet invested in the hand. Please review my account and let me know what the problem or fix is. I enjoy playing on the web site and play every day. Thank you, Tom

DoubleDown Casino - The challenges addition to the game.

Ever since you enabled the challenges part of the game it won't go beyond that part all I get is the spinning wheel of death and it won't go beyond to load the game to let me play. Bummer for me as I play the game everyday. It sure would be nice to be able to play the game again. It seems that there is nothing that I can do on my end please take some kind of action so I can play the game again.

DoubleDown Casino - Not getting winnings

My mom plays every day. She has noticed for months that she's not always paid her "big wins". Today, she played mermaid, won 9 million on the bonus but it was never added to her balance. Is there any explanation for this?? I witnessed it myself so it's not her imagination. She has mentioned it to me several times so we tracked her wins/bets on paper and they always came out short on her end.
Any info you can provide will be very much appreciated.

No it's not her imagination it's DoubleDown's programming. You are not suppose to win, they take your coins one way or another. That is why you have to opt out of a lawsuit to play their site. Unfair payouts, dishonest site otherwise why would a site have you do that. Says a lot

i have played so many millions no wins, always back to zero. They give you the popup to buy coins which is crazy to see what you've lost. Such a dishonest site

DoubleDown Casino - I need to cancel my account... No money left... Am ill

I have been playing double down casino for years, went broke, and still played, am ill now and need help... There are some charges on my account that I did not make... The month of june and july... Please cancel my account... My checks are bouncing... I have played for years and lost lots of money here. Loved this site but can no longer afford it.. Please help me out here... Cancel my account, and maybe give me a little of my money back... Thank you... Ruth barth 2035 herbert av. Berkeley il. [protected]

DoubleDown Casino - No money

You guys need to do better. I have been playing this game for a long time and it's very bad. No bonus rounds and no payouts worth anything to speak of. I can 10 million play your mining and toast for me. You are ripping people off with their time, collecting codes and your stupid friend spins which are worth nothing. I'm sick of it and my whole family plays. Not any more

I agree...I can have 20 million and run it down to zero betting only $200, 000 a spin and NO BONUS. This is just for's not fun anymore.

All you do is lose, millions and millions played with very few bonus rounds or wins, they are ripping people off and they don't care. Pretty sick but it is an IGT site that is known for being like that

Worse rip off site, over 7 million played no wins or bonus rounds took all my coins, not including all the millions played before. You never have a balance of coins if you play Doubledown (IGT) makes sure of that with their programing. Then you get the constant popup to buy coins, are they for real, why would anyone buy from this crooked company?

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