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Hello... For the last three weeks I have played poker on DoubleDown Casino. And I am good at it. The problem is that whatever the cards that show up in your hand and on the oard don't compute with there system. today in Omaha texas for example I was dealt 3-5"s and a 7. right away it said I only had a pair. the next card that came on the board was another 5 and a 7 but I'm going for the 4 of a kind. But again it doesn't register the correct amount in there system and I bet bet bet and lost to a pair. now this isn't just happening once in awhile I could handle that it's all the time. I understand it's only a game but we all are in and playing to win. when I win I want to be paid for it. it's only right. I am calling the FTC on Monday and talking to them but if you have any suggestions I would appreciate what ever you have to say. I know this is happening to others and don't know if they are saying anything about it. just want what's due to me it's only fair and we should all play fair the game especially. Thank you for your time and you have a great day.

May 24, 2015
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      2nd of Jun, 2015

    Good Morning...Maybe for you... Again DoubleDown Casino you cease to amaze me. NOw again I had to buy chips. I played your game for about an hour and lost every game. not your problem...ut when I finally had some winning hands you did it to me again and ripped me off because the cards don't match what you put in your little box. I am so tired of your taking my hard earned money. Yes I can go to another website but why should I have to??? Fix your problem please... It's just not fair and I want to be compensated... not only am I having a bad day in cards but you ripping me off on top of it is alittle extreme. Please correct this problem and pay me. you have a great day...wish I was...

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