Domino's / poor customer service, poor work ethic, not properly trained, poor food presentation... no love

Silver City, NM, United States

I placed an order for the 2x2x2 deal and added an order of garlic twists. My boyfriend, after working 5 twelve hour days, offered to pick up our order on his way home. When he got home I asked about the 2 ltr. of soda which was included in the deal. He told me that it had not been given to him and being that he was exhausted, he didn't check the receipt to see what I had ordered. So while he showered I went to Dominoes for the soda. The young man working the drive thru was not professional at all, he hung out of the window and his appearance could of been better. I was not offered any extras for the trouble of having to go back for the soda, so I asked about an order of cinnamon twists and he agreed. He told me that it would take about seven minuets. I parked in the parking lot so that I wouldn't be tying up the drive thru. After about five minutes I pulled up closer to the door on the east side of the building hoping to make the trip for the employee a little shorter and faster: time is money. So as I am sitting there waiting for my cinnamon twists, one of the employees comes out and tells me that he was told to ask me to move my car because that was not a designated parking spot. If you have seen the Silver City Dominoes you would see that not only is it convenient for the employees to deliver orders to the customers vehicle at this spot, but also the east side of this parking lot is extremely roomy. Anyway, I did not get my garlic twists but was given the chocolate molten lava desert and the pizzas were so bland and made very sloppily. You see, I was in the restaurant business for fifteen years. I have bussed, served, been a head server for eleven years, but I have also managed a few restaurants in Silver City, including Jaliscos, I also owned my own restaurant so I know first hand that first appearances are just as important as good training and good customer service. But without nice food presentation and savory foods, your unhappy customers will not return. And word of mouth is your best form of advertisement. Please do not feet that I am bragging or boasting about my restaurant experience, I am simply wanting good customer service, my order made properly and for my food to look and taste like some pride and LOVE were put into it.

Sep 18, 2017

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