Domino's Pizzawrong ingredient, poor customer service

Ordered 2 medium pizzas w/added olives. I picked them up from the store & took them to meet my husband 1/2 way from his jobsite. I once again did not get what I ordered & my husband was crunched for time but I called the store. They wrote I asked for onions, my husband dislikes onions. No, I didn't. They offered me a liter of soda & remake the pizzas. They actually wanted the pizzas back so I took them. For my trouble of having to drive back to the store, wait for the other pizzas after a long day of work plus my husband stressed over missing work, i did get cinnamon twist. The pizzas should have been free after all that. They did not think so. Disappointed customer. I'll try papa John's. Thanks

Jun 08, 2018

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