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Apparently dominos feels different than the rest of america!

Today saturday may 6th I walked in to my local dominos lancaster ca. 93535 north east corner of ave j and challenger way to order a pizza, I placed the order and reached into my wallet and took out a $100 and attempted to pay for my order at this time the cashier told me he would have to get a manager when another prepubescent peon turned and in as rude a manner as possible informed me that dominos doesn't accept large bills. I then asked to speak to the manager at this time another child casually approaches the counter and she says that dominos doesn't accept large bills because they are too easy to counterfeit!?!? Also policy says they are not permitted to keep that much cash on hand?!?! Then pointed to an open safe as if that would explain everything?

1]. Refusal of any american currency is illegal and a bad policy period dominos does not have the right to refuse cash.

2]. The juvenile attitude of the staff at this location is reminiscent of a ucberkley crybaby rally.

3]. The managers explaination [1] that large bills are too easy to counterfeit. And [2] policy says they cant keep that much in the drawers. And then point to an open safe? Really?... This child needs to be at the very least retrained and should be made to leave her cell phone in her purse because obviously she did not pay any attention during her managerial training.
Or does dominos not train their management staff?

As a hard working american who gets paid with american currency I expect to be able to spend said currency especially at a national chain whoso counter sales must total in the tens of millions yearly not to mention the delivery side fund raisers and promotions etc... Do not refuse my cash I worked hard for it. And if this manager was trained to tell customers that they are very likely countefeitters then dominos really needs to rethink its business practices, what ever happened to the customer is always right!?

How to resolve this? Well on this particular saturday night I worked from 6:30 am until almost 8:00 pm, I had literally 2 frozen burritos, some milk and assorted condiments in the fridge so I decided to get a pizza. As I explained dominos refusal to accept my money combined with a 13 hour work day and not wanting to shop and cook [isint that the purpose of a place like dominos?] I am going to bed with 2 frozen burritos for sustainance.
I would like dominos to pay for tonights attempted meal which was
1.7.99 carry out 3 topping pizza w/italian sausage, salami and jalapenos with garlic parmasean white sauce.
2. An order of classic bread sticks and
3. 2 garlic butter dipping sauce
Total; $19.00 and change
Also I would like to see these uneducated entitled crybaby snowflake youths you have operating this location on a busy saturday night trained to understand that that man at the counter is the reason they get a paycheck in the first place and no matter what should be treated with some level of respect.
As for the retraining of these snotnosed kids I would like to sit in through their training and I want them all to know I am the reason for their retraining [not likely to happen]
As for the meal? I would like a gift card or voucher in the amount of the order nothing more. If dominos wont take my money dominos must want me to eat for free...
Thank you in advance
Robert hart email. [protected]

May 7, 2017
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  • Ca
      7th of May, 2017

    A lot of establishments won't take $100 bills, for various reasons. Using the counterfeit excuses doesn't fly, because there are special pens stores can get to mark bills to determine their authenticity. Don't be so hard on the employee, they were just following the rules. Your request for some gesture of goodwill may well be valid, but requesting to sit in on training is not and makes you seem extremely unreasonable. And ridiculous. BTW: this is obviously NOT the Domino's Corporate site, so no one here can help you.

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  • Wi
      7th of May, 2017

    I stopped reading at your insult on the teenager. You are a dick, and even if you had a valid argument, I would not agree with you just for that reason.

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