Domino's Pizzacustomer service

I have never in my life felt so disrespected by an employee. Chad's demeanor, tone and comments made towards me brought me to a place of shame. The fact that he refused to serve me because I did not park in a "officially" marked parking spot is beyond my disbelief. I have been a frequent customer to this store and have never dealt with someone in this way. I am trying my hardest to not bring my race or gender into this situation however I can not help to feel that due to me being an African American female it was so easy and effortlessly for Chad (a Caucasian male) to refuse to serve me the pizza that I pre-ordered and was ready for pick up...all because I did not park in an assigned parking spot. Chad mentioned that i was In the fire lane... which honestly i am not disagreeing with him however, there were no indicators or signs that where i parked was a no parking zone, fire zone or anything what so ever! I am legally handicapped, with a handicap sticker and had a 3 year old child with me. My intentions were to come in and out... however my less than one minute trip led to the most disrespectful 10 minutes of my life, in front on my 3 year old child. I can still hear him say "who do you think you are"... in front of my three year old baby girl!

Deb, i appreciate your willingness to intervene and be respectful. Thanks for explaining to me that the next time I come there why i should park in the marked spots. Unfortunately, i may not be there for a while and will take my time to drive to a different location.

Jun 07, 2018

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