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Domino's Pizza / lousy service

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On Saturday night October 20th, 2007 we ordered a medium sausage pizza and were going to redeem a $5.00 gift certificate, which by-the-way was sent to us following a previous poor quality experience with Domino’s. The grand total of this purchase was to be $8.66 counting the gift certificate.
When the delivery driver arrived he could not speak a work of English and became annoyed when he realized I didn’t speak his language. But that’s another issue. He had no idea that he was supposed to pick up the gift certificate and get only $8.66. He kept demanding, through primitive sign language that I pay the total $13.00 dollars for this pizza. I paid due to the fact my daughter and I were hungry and it was late enough that going out was not an option. Obviously I did not leave a tip for this person. When I opened the box the pizza was cold. I called the story back where I purchased it and was transferred to customer service. The customer service rep who I spoke with had the voice of a 15 year old and claimed to be a manager. His disposition as well as lack of tack immediately indicated that he was no manager. After explaining the situation I asked that I receive my ‘satisfaction guaranteed or your money back’ guarantee. He asked how much of the product was left; I told him my daughter had already eaten two pieces. He would not honor their guarantee saying that the product was not whole. I demanded, and was able to speak with his supervisor. (She) had the voice of a 19 year old had the demeanor of such. She proceeded to tell me the exact thing the previous rep said. I was then placed on hold for 10 minutes. She came back and explained that Domino’s would not fulfill their written pledge as part of the pizza was eaten. This basic argument went on and on for another 10 minutes, when again I was placed on hold with her saying, “Let me try to make this good.” Another 10 minutes, the same argument ensued. She would refund my money and take the pizza back. I told her this was the 2nd time I received lousy service from Dominos and then demanded that the pizza be comped due to the amount time spent trying to resolve this simple thirteen dollar dilemma. She argued it was not Domino’s policy to do that. I told her that Domino’s broke their written promise and I was going to call the BBB and file a complaint as well as contact their corporate office and provide a tape recorded copy of the conversation. The outcome was that she said Domino’s would not deliver to us any longer and the pizza would be comped and the purchase amount refunded within 4 business days. I am sure that one person refusing to ever do business with Domino’s Pizza will not bother them. But I hope if more people provide feedback Domino’s will get their act together.

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  • Gr
      1st of Jan, 2008
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    I ordered a DOMINOS Pizza in 1990... Costa Mesa on Newport Blvd.

    I ordered a pepperoni pizaa and 2 cokes, well 30 minutes later the guy shows up but has no cokes, I leave to box closed to keep the pizza warm while I wait another 30 minutes for the delivery guy to show up with the drinks.

    He leaves I sit down to dinner and the pizza order is wrong, I open the box to find a plain cheese pizza.

    I call them up and ask where is the pepperoni? The manager says "EAT THE ###ING PIZZA!!!"

    My wife is out so I have no car so I hop on my bicycle and go the mile and a half and plant the pizza and the sodas on the counter and say "You EAT THE DAMNED THING, I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!" my money was refunded and to this day I will not buy from Dominos, While I order from Pizza hut most often I find I prefer the pizza made by a couple of small family run shops in the area. The service is better as well as the product.

    I am sad to say that Calintinos has closed its doors, opened in 1969 Mama Calintino ran the place since it opened and rather than sell it complete with name she retired and closed the business. Our loss. but she wanted to preseve it as a memory rather than let it be tainted.

    I long for the day when Dominos Pizza goes belly up.

  • Sh
      27th of Apr, 2008
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    I ordered three pizza from a Domino's in Los Angeles, CA. After an hour later, I called and was told my pizza was on the way. After waiting an additional hour I was told the driver delivered it to the wrong address and the other people paid for the pizza. If he knew it was the wrong address then why did he give it to those other people? I wait two hours for some 30 minute pizza and domino's don't even care. Not only that they can't even give me a free pizza for my trouble. Domino's has horrible service.

  • Mr
      8th of May, 2009
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    domino's SUCKS I have been a customer of domino's for a long time... NOT ANYMORE... Tried placing an order on a thursday night.. according to the pizza TRACKER the pizza was prepped and baked and boxed after it was boxed i waited 20 min. I called the store manager argued with me that it was not correct. that in fact the pizza was just them exiting the oven and assured that my pizza would arrive hot and fresh. the oreder was placed by my wife who had left for work having had to wait to long thus not having the credit card there to verify the card against the order ( something that was new to me ) I had ordered multiple times before and have never had to show ID or a CARD. Driver was RUDE. I told him it was not my loss. I called store phone rang about 30 times and i got no where with management about the ordeal. I will NEVER oreder DOMINO'S AGAIN. and tell everyone I know not to order. Such a large company has no room to be so POMPAS

  • Br
      4th of Oct, 2010
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    I was writing my terrible experience about the fake cheese and all the chemical after taste/feel and not even my dog would try some because she knows what mozzerella is and all of a sudden my complaint I was writing just dissapeared. Anyway, as long as our nation maintains a healthy level of bad eating habits and overall ignorance about food and the eating culture we should be, Dominos' will do just fine.

    Dominos, please deliver me a pizza with the toppings stuck to the top but real toppings are stuck, then that's ok. You see, I think they call them "barbie tables". these are the plastic piece they put in the middle of the pie so seeing toppings stuck to the top of the box hasn't been a real issue since the late 70's mid 80's it's simply a gimmick so that will never happen again, it doesn't happen now.

    Michigan companies are funny, they point to the bells n whistles of their product because the real core-quality a customer is looking for simply isn't there. Ford motor company, they talk about cup holders, Movie screens and fuzzy lephricahns that come out at night to clean the tires while you sleep. Never, never would ford simply say their class autos will beat the same class autos Toyota puts out, so they talk about how if you look at the front of a ford car (this is real, i am trying not to laugh) the car has a "face" so look at that face, Look at that chilled cup holder and when you pick up your plastic pizza from house of cards, I mean dominos, make sure you get your "barbie table"

    There was a time when Dominos was amazing, this was back when Tom Callahan actually was in the store/s. There was also a time a mustang was a mustang.

    Sorry Dominos, this digressing wasn't helpfull therapy as you hoped. You could send 10 helicopters for me, and have 20 radio stations say my name and I would call Joeys pizza so I can enjoy what I am eating.

    one more thing. the irony of this whole thread is, it's about service! Service is the only organic thing Dominos "pizza" offers

  • Di
      27th of Dec, 2010
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    I bought 2 large pizza's from Domino's Pizza on Christmas Eve, When I received the Pizza it was cold and soggy. I then called Domino's up right away and explained to the owner what was going on. He informed me that he has had nothing but problems with his pizzas and all he can do is refund me 2 large pizzas when i was ready to order from there again. Frustrated and annoyed i agreed and hung up. when I called and spoke to the general manager to order my 2 large pizza's 3 days later he said the owner never put it into the computer so we would have to pay because of the owner negligences.and he hung up on me! NEVER WILL I GO THERE AGAIN! Not only is the food disgusting but the service is worse!

    (Was at Domino's in Marina Square Narragansett RI) Rick G!

  • Sh
      25th of Mar, 2011
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    Dominos in Lexington, NC on highway 8

    On March 20, 2011 I went to pick up a pizza and they had a plastic rack of pizza dough sitting on the floor and some of the dough had run out of the container on the floor. It was in plain view of when you walked in the door. I wish I would have thought and took a picture of this with my phone. I don't understand why they didn't have the rack on a table and cover it up. This looked very bad for Domino's.

  • Be
      29th of May, 2011
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    Domino's Pizza - Service
    Domino's Pizza
    United States
    Phone: 972-487-1100

    I ordered a pizza and when you come to my condo community there are clear instructions on how to operate the gate. The driver called from the gate and requested a gate code. I explained what he had to do to call my unit so I could buzz him in. The store manager called me and I explained to him the directions at the gate and he told me without a gate code they were returning my order to the store. I have lived here over 7 yrs and the procedure for entering the complex has always worked. They straight out refused to follow the directions. The mgr was very rude and told me to call someone else for pizza.I hope somehow this complaint will reach someone who can handle it.

  • Ma
      5th of Jun, 2011
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    You contact a different site entirely, that is in no way even remotely connected to Domino's and yet you hope this will somehow magically reach someone with authority to take action?

    In what universe does it work like that, and how could you possibly have gone through the entire registration and confirmation process and not figured out you're nowhere near Domino's? Are you sure you didn't order your pizza from a furniture repair company on a different continent?

  • Ch
      6th of Jun, 2011
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    wow your a rather rude lady. this is a complaint board, meaning people post complaints here, doesnt matter what company they are for. dumb ###

  • Jo
      18th of Dec, 2011
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  • Jo
      18th of Dec, 2011
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    today i ordered my food online (a pasta bowl, coke, wings) the total amount was $18.67 so as i waited the delivery man finally came. when he did he gave my all my things and then i paid him with a $20.00 and $0.67 so he can return me my $2.00 back. but when i gave him the money he started walking away and i told him, "hey wasn't it $18.67?" and he checked his reciept and said, "no, it was $19.67" and was about to give me my dollar back so i was confused and asked to see the reciept which read TOTAL: $18.67 and he asked me with a [censored] little smile "is it ok like this?" (meaning if he could keep my change) i understand thay they work for tips as well but i mean to me this was considered stealing. $2.00 is nothing and i actually felt like giving it to the delivery man but i decided not too. Not after what he did.

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