Domino's Pizza / arrived and a location and was told I could not order a pizza

Monroe Township, New Jersey, US Review updated:

So yesterday I went to jamesburg NJ dominos and I work a late shift I get out around 1125! I made it to the store location by 1130 and walked up to the front door. The door was already locked at 1130 and your time schedule says your open till 12. I knock on the door no answer. I walk and looked in the front glass window and the young kid is sitting there playing on his phone instead of cleaning the place. Like he should have been for that last half an hour. I then proceeded to call bc I was so pissed. He answers the phone and I proceed to ask if I can order really quick and pick it up bc I'm right around the corner. And I'm told I could not order at 1130 and pick it up I could only have it delivered. Makes no [censor] sense at all. He just didn't want to make a pizza bc he was tooo busy on his phone. No one has any work ethic anymore. I will no longer be going to dominos pizza due to poor quality workers that don't care about their customers. I hope everyone sees this and it goes viral. Really pissed me off last night November 28th.

Nov 29, 2017
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  • Mi
      Dec 03, 2017

    The door being locked means they were closed. What is it with people who knock on locked doors and peer through windows? As far as the bit about cleaning, you are not his manager, you don't get to decide what he should and should not be doing. Contact Corporate if you are that upset

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