Dollaramamanager/security guard

As I walked into the Dollarama at this location, 10232 Whalley Blvd, Whalley, Surrey, BC V3T VH2.I was followed by the security guard he followed me into every aisle and made me feel super uncomfortable. The way he was watching me I have never felt this experience in my life as I literally did nothing but just entered the store. I just wanted to get my things and go quickly and the register I informed the manager. Her response was that she had no control over what the security guard did I told her that I did not want to get anybody in trouble and he could have been more discreet about it instead of making me feel super uncomfortable. She made me feel like I was in the wrong and did not care about how I felt. She handled the situation poorly and did nothing to make me feel better. I I'm traumatized.

Dec 10, 2018

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