Dollar Treeunprofessional manager and employee

My husband and I went into the dollar tree in Baltimore md at Fallstaff shopping center. As I entered the store the manager who is an AA male he wasn't wearing a name tag nor would he provide his name anyway as I walked into the store he kept staring at my purse which made me feel very uncomfortable. I mentioned it to my husband and my husband stated don't worry about it as long as he doesn't say anything to you. An employee who is also a AA male heavyset. He was wearing a sweatshirt over his uniform so I his name tag wasn't displayed. Anyway the employee overheard my husbands conversation and approached my husband. My husband turned to him and said "I wasn't talking to you, I was talking about your manager." The employee started getting irate asking my husband did he have a problem with him. My husband told him that he didn't want any trouble and for him to leave him alone. The employee kept tryna get in my husband face talking about "we can take this outside and I could kill your [censored] ass." I immediately got between them and told the manager "sir it's not that serious have a good day. The employee still insisted on making threats towards my husband. I said to the employee "sir have a blessed day." The employee looked at me and said "you to and if you keep running your mouth you can get it to just like ur husband." I then proceeded to look for the manager at the front of the store. My husband located the manager and the employee in the back of the store. In the midst of their conversation the employee started squaring up at my husband telling him "we can take this outside." The manager began yelling towards the front of the store for someone to call the police because he wanted us out of his store. I proceeded to tell the manager what his employee said to us and he told me that I was lying. As my husband and I were walking out the store the employee was still yelling and and being very disrespectful to us and the manager was standing right there and did nothing or said anything to his employee. I have never been in a store and been so disrespected in my life I really felt my life was in danger.

Jul 31, 2018

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