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Dollar Tree / unprofessional behavior

1 Lakeland, FL, United States Review updated:
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This morning, 1/11/18, I took my 3 grandchildren to the Dollar Tree #4750 in Lakeland, FL. After spending 45 minutes shopping with an infant, a toddler, and a teenager, I proceeded to check out. There were 2 very long lines, but I ended up checking out in the line that "the manager" was using. After ringing up all of my items that came close to $25, my credit card seemed to have an issue in the machine. The manager had me try it numerous times but it was still not working. By now, the children had pushed the cart toward the exit and the manager told me to bring the things back if I had no other source of payment. He told me that, "the people before me used their card and it worked just fine so there is something wrong with your card". I asked him if I could just try to go through another line because I KNOW that my card works (everywhere else), but he insisted that it wouldn't make a difference. He then proceeded to un-bag all of my items, throwing them into the cart. Aggravated and embarrassed, I took the cart full of mangled boxes and went to the other check out lane. (I would have left if not for the children wanting their items) The card worked just fine there and my grandchildren had their toys and lunch items that we came for.
I went back to the office (by now the manager had gone there) and knocked on the door. I explained to him that if it ever happens again, instead of embarrassing and humiliating a customer, perhaps he could be more helpful by suggesting they try another register. Obviously there was a problem with the card reader. He became very agitated and started yelling at me something about "I OFFERED you to use another form of payment!". If I had had another form of payment, don't you think I would have used it instead of being offended by such a cruel person? According to the other workers there, this is not an isolated incident!! This is a person who should not be working around, much less overseeing, other people. I told some of the others there that I would definitely be "reporting this incident" and was told wholeheartedly to do so. Something really should be done about his attitude toward customers and staff.

Jan 11, 2018

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