Dollar Tree / store service & condition

San Fernando, CA, United States

June 9, 2017
I visited the San Fernando, CA location just now and it is beyond disgusting. The store is not only in disarray, from a product perspective but it is also completely filthy. The floor is covered in debris, the fixtures are covered in dirt and crust, and the windows have layers of dirt caked on them. I've been to this store a number of times and have watched in steadily decline. In my experience the other locations I've visited, have not been this dirty. This store should be inspected. I've seen roaches roaming here. I am going to contact the Board of Health since there are many people in the community who have come to rely on this store, and the likelihood of someone getting sick at the San Fernando location is not tolerable. The store's standards of presentation and service are a disgrace.

Jun 09, 2017

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