Dollar Tree / store closing before closing time.

United States

Yesterday I went to Dollar Tree in Madison, Al on Madison Blvd. I went to purchase some items because the cashier told me that the items that I was looking for were going to be stocked by then only to get there and they still had nothing. I had to drive 14 minutes to get to the other Dollar Tree in Madison, Al on Highway 72. It was 9:52 when I made it to the parking lot. I got out the car at 9:55 and the door was locked. I knocked on the door until this short African American lady in her 20's at least 190-200lbs medium length dark hair came from the back office. I asked her when she came out what time do the close you said 10. I said why are y'all close then and looked at my phone which said 9:57 then. She looked around like the ###! Then replied "but it's still 10 though while she shrugged her shoulders and then walked away from the door and went back to what she was doing. It said that y'all employees treat us customers like ### and like their nonchalant to everything. I went back to that same exact store hoping to see her and I ran into someone who looked just liked her. I asked the cashier did she closed last night and she said no ma'am but her facial expression told me otherwise because the look she gave me when I walked in the store. I aske the caucasian lady that was beside her what time do they close and she said 10 and I asked do they close early and she hesitated and said some times we close 2 mins until then I explained what happened. I'm just sick of spending my hard earned money at a store when these nonchalant ### cashiers with these attitudes act that give zero ###s about us customers. Y'all need to handle this and find out who close that store 05/17/2017 Dollar Tree at Madison, Al Highway 72 store D and fire their ###. If they did it to me I'm pretty sure they did it to someone else but I'm just the only one that went through with the complaint.

May 18, 2017

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