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Charlotte , NC, United States
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I stopped in my local dollar tree at 9:30 am to have balloons filled from which I purchased the day before at another dollar tree, I told the cashier that I bought them yesterday and that I would like to have them filled, she did not ask if I purchased them at another dollar tree, I assumed I could take the balloons to any dollar tree...she filled them then the manager yells across the store "you can't bring in balloons from another dollar tree, we ain't got enough helium for that", so, I walked over to her to purchase more balloons and told her that I didn't appreciate her being rude yelling across the store and she started yelling at me that "you came at me with an attitude " when I was clearly trying to let her know that I do not know the policy for the store, while I was talking to her she was screaming at me cutting me off while I was trying to speak saying "what else you need? What else you want", I own a business and would never speak to my customers like this, she was also speaking poorly about me to another customer in which I do not appreciate at all, I would like a public apology or she needs to be fired/demoted, you do not speak to your customers like that, it is very unprofessional and uncalled for. She was very, very nasty. She definitely should not be in the position that she is in, had that been my employee, she would have been dismissed on the spot, that's how you lose customers! Also, the cashier was not even aware of the policy, I stated that (before the rude manager interfered) my sister works at a dollar tree and I would have her purchase some and bring them, she said, absolutely, bring them and we will fill them for you. I am sure the cashier caught fire from this manager, she is so very unprofessional. Please realize that she is running your store (new store) into the ground, I along with my colleagues will not use this store until she has been dealt with (I spend thousands of dollars in this store with my business events).

Jun 09, 2017

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