Dollar Tree / management

United States

I was currently employed with your store. My doctor wanted to put me on a medical leave for my heart. I lost my job cause of this. I worked off the clock when he told me too and said of I said anything I would lose my job so I never said anything until now. Muy check was over $200 short and he never fixed it. He also told people i was a drug user and I'm willing to get tested for anything. Sean was handing Xanax and tramadol to his employees and then firing them when they took it. There's so much more. I have even made a statement for sexual harassment against another employee and he didn't do anything. I have all text messages ever sent between us. Sean also has a girlfriend in company named karen, Sean is a married man and David seems to ignore everything and Sean and Karen works off the clock all hours of the night.

May 2, 2017

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