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I was in a Dollar Tree in Manahawkin Nj on line checking out. There were people in line behind me which made this situation not only embarrassing and humiliated as I am 63 years old and do not expect to be scolded like a child by a store manager in the way I was. I always shop in this store more so in the last couple of months as I give parties to a nursing home for me and I have been in the store at least three times a week. My total order was $38. and I only had a $100. bill on me. The cashier said she could not break it and I told her I would have to put everything back as I had nothing else on me. With that she turned to a lady who was doing some kind of paperwork or something at the register next to me, (not working the line). She asked her if she could break the $100 bill. The worman than slammed down whatever she had in her hand and came storming over to my register. As she did she turned to me in a very nasty tone and said "mam, next time you come into a Dollar store do not come in with a $100. bill" I was stunned and embarrassed and immediately responded to her by telling do not talk to me like that.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Barnegat, NJ She said something in response to me, and I said "I am the customer, you are the manager and you should be prepared" I asked her name and position and told her I would be making a call regarding her behavior. In the past week since this happened I have called many times to be put on hold for over 20 minutes and that disconnected by your headquarters. I am furious at the treatment I received from this woman (Her name was Susan) and would like to hear your response as to what will be done in regards to this situation. I have contacted by lawyer in regards to this as the discrimination and disrespect I received appalls me. I will not drop this complaint and would like to see some kind of action be taken against this woman. As I read other complaints here I see many are regarding employee's. Whoever runs the department should train these people in how to deal with customer, as without us there is no profits for your company. I am extremely upset over being treated like a child who was being scolded, especially if she thinks she can talk to me like that because I am a senior. I will wait to hear from you promptly as I have an appointment next week with my lawyer to pursue this. Also I put category Bad Business Partners cause there is no promptly for my complaint

Dec 04, 2018
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  •   Dec 04, 2018

    Okay. Many establishments like this (cheap stuff) do not accept 100 dollar bills because they can be faked kind of easily.

    Second, if she did not have 62$ in her register (which I kind of doubt) then she would not have been able to give you change.

    Third, see about getting one of those credit cards where you can load money onto it and use it until it runs out. DT does take credit cards.

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      Dec 07, 2018
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    Common sense should tell you not to go in a store like this with a $100 bill. Should've got it changed before shopping there.

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